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Shake Something

I had a Terrible morning!  It was hard to get out of bed, and once I finally did, I was running late. I mixed up a protein shake, and put it in the freezer.   If I don’t blend it in the smoothie maker (I love that thing b/c […]

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New Week 5 Podcast

Hey everybody!  I made it back to the recording studio.  The old Week 5 podcast’s Day 1 intervals were 2 minutes too long, which, in new runner time can be an eternity. Sorry about that.   The new one is perfect.  Each days runs are the appropriate length if […]

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Hey everybody, I’m trying to make my website better, so it might look a little weird for a while. There may be strange videos or weird overlapping pictures, I’m playing around with different templates.  Please be patient and sorry for any inconvenience. You can still download the couch the […]

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New Week 7 Podcast

Hey Couch to 5K Runners, the new Couch to 5K  Week 7 Podcast/mp3  is now linked.  The old one was 3 minutes too short.  Enjoy, and happy running!

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Back In Action

I’m back in action.  I walked/jogged 2 miles in the freezing cold park today.  Check out my video.  Here are some links for all the stuff I talked about.  My Medical Issue, My Car Accident Waist Trimmer Belt Purple Apple iPod nano Belkin Armband for iPod Nike […]

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