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I Went to the Gym on Vacation!

I’m off work, on vacation from Christmas until after the New Year!  It’s kind of hard for me to call it vacation, because to me “vacation” usually includes palm trees, beaches and piña coladas. Nyah let me sleep in this morning, and when I woke up I […]

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Move Over Skinny Girls!

This weekend we took my little sister to College at Xavier in New Orleans.  My parents are so cute, even after being married for 35 years. My Dad still spoils us by carrying everybody’s luggage and my mom fed him watermelon chunks while he was driving.  My sister jokingly […]

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Behind the Velvet Rope: My Trip to Texas

Wow, what a weekend! My Big Little Sister and I went to Houston, Texas for a mini vacation. I’m going to try not to make this post too long, especially since it’s not about healthy eating or working out. Y’all know I’m a night person; I was […]

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Everything is Bigger In Texas

Well they say everything is bigger in Texas.  Apparently it’s true.  I certainly got bigger in Texas.  I ate whatever, with little to no moderation.  I was on vacation and I just wanted a break from everything.  A break from dieting, working, cold weather, and real estate.  […]

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My Southern Fried Independence Day

My Lawyer friend’s birthday is on the Fourth of July.  We celebrated her 30th birthday in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  At first, I was a little leery of spending the holiday weekend in a cabin in the mountains.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I enjoyed […]

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