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I’m Panicking

Why am I panicking? Because my pants are too tight.  Like way too tight, like will these even button tight.  I can’t go back to where I was. I REFUSE to go back up a pants size.   I looked at my fat pictures today, I was miserable […]

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In the Famous Words of Ice Cube…

Today Was A Good Day.  First of all there was no rain, that’s enough for a good day.  But I cooled off the morning with a homemade smoothie, made out of Orange Juice, Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt, Fresh Strawberries and oatmeal.  At lunch me and the co-worker friend walked […]

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Let Them Eat Cake…

    This was a phrase I took way to literally as I celebrated and indulged at my Niece’s 1st B-Day on Saturday, and Memorial Day Dinner on Sunday AND again Monday.  However, this morning when I got on the scale, I was quickly snapped back into […]

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No Grease

Me and the co-worker friend power walked a mile at lunch today and ate a healthy meal.  Then we had left over chicken from last nights dinner.  I cooked the chicken with no grease or cooking spray.   I put it in the skillet with about a quarter […]

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Smoothie Queen

I’m sure you noticed the big gap in days since I last worked out.  I have yet to sign up for the next 5K, that probably has something to do with my lack of motivation.  But anyway today at lunch I power walked 1 mile with the […]

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