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Butts N Guts

I am proud to say that since my half marathon training started on Friday, I have not missed a single day of training.  On Friday, I went to the gym and did a quick, but hilly mile on the treadmill and showered before heading to church to […]

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Non-Scale Victories

At Weight Watchers they always say to focus on the Non-Scale Victories in addtion to the weight loss.  I realized that I don’t celebrate them enough.  I had so many opportunities to get off my food plan today, and I didn’t.   I’m happy and celebrating.  This morning’s […]

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From the Pot to the Oven

Today was such a weird day. It was a freakishly beautiful spring-like day in February. My coworker friend and I went to lunch at Chavas, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Soulard downtown. She got to the point where she was tired of the shenanigans at […]

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Friday Night Training

Yesterday was my Big Little Sister’s 25th Birthday!  She wanted to go to dinner at Lambert’s Café Restaurant in Sikeston, Mo.   Lamberts is about 150 miles from St. Louis.  It was Thursday, so she waited for me to get off work and we took a mini road […]

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Warning, this is going to be long, because I need you to relive my morning with me….I got up this morning as planned, but woke up before the alarm clock went off because I was so scared I would oversleep. I threw on some clothes and got […]

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