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Kill the ANTs

I saw a PBS special with Dr. Amen and his book “The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.” One of his brain healthy ways to lose weight is “Killing the ANTS.” He’s not talking about the little creatures that crawled […]

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94 Degrees

I did not want to work out alone today, so I waited until my little sister was available.  My god brother needed to use my car and cut my grass, so he dropped us off at the Park and I told him to come back in an […]

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A Run and A Walk

I’m convinced that the hypnosis sessions are not making me crazy.  I think after just 2 days they are actually helping.  It changes your cravings if that makes sense.  I now have this nagging sensation that I need to go to bed at night, when normally, I’m […]

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Taking the Plunge

For years I have admired Roni for only drinking water…I mean who does that??? How do you do that?… Just over a year ago I decided to stop drinking soda after reading the book “Skinny Bitch.” They made it sound so awful calling soda liquid Satan. I felt […]

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Something Different

I got a call today from my Team In Training half marathon buddy. She said that I motivated her to sign up for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in October and that we could do it together. She really caught me off guard, because I haven’t […]

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