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I Got a Fit Bit! 

I heard about Fit Bit a couple of years ago and thought it was a cool, but weirdly over priced pedometer. However, what I’ve learned recently is that because of the technology with the app it does so much more than count steps.  It encourages friendly competition with your […]

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My Ugly but Healthy Morning  

As I confessed yesterday on my Facebook Page (@CarliFierce) I didn’t do any grocery shopping or meal planning last week.  I just ate whatever.  I knew it was time to get back on track, so I went to the store and loaded up on healthy foods to […]

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What its Like to Workout at 6 AM

5:25 AM ALARM: GET UP RIGHT NOW!!! MIND: OMG, what is that obnoxious noise?? ALARM: GET UP RIGHT NOW!!! BODY: This warm bed feels great. ALARM: GET UP RIGHT NOW!!! MIND: I’ll just pay the cancellation fee for not showing up to hot yoga class. It’s still […]

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Saying Goodbye to Dan My Personal Trainer

There are some people in my life that I am making a conscious decision to part ways with.  However, Dan, my personal trainer, was not one of those people. Despite the fact that I continually work out hard but somehow manage to eat crap food, he still […]

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Rediscovering The Things I Like

Greetings Fiercelings! I deserve a time out for being a naughty blogger. I just disappeared on everybody. I’m sorry. Let me first say I’m doing Great! I hope you all are well too. Let me catch you up on things. Mostly I’m spending free time revising my Novel. Back […]

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