Greeting Fiercelings! I’m Carli Fierce, a 30 something with a regular 9 to 5, in Saint Louis, Missouri USA. I live with my cute fur baby Kody.  I lost 43 lbs with a local hospital weight management program.  If you listened to any of my podcasts, you know that once I hit a plateau, I decided to start running to get into shape., Robert Ullery, and Roni gave me the motivation to Get off the Couch and start running.  I decided to create Couch to 5 K training podcasts to help inspire others on their journey to Running into Shape.  My Couch to 5K Training program has been downloaded over 50,000 thousand times.  

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Thanks so much for checking me out!  If you still want to know more, I wrote this speech about my journey.

Happy Running!



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