Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday Dear Running Into Shape, Happy Birthday to me!  Okay, so I spent all week coming up with this fancy title and song, just to realize that technically, I think it’s my 1 Year blog Anniversary, not birthday. LOL! Nonetheless, One year ago today, I wrote my very 1st post.  Way back then, I was just a fat girl who wanted to run, and send emails to my family and friends to keep my self accountable.  I guess I’m still overweight, and still wanna run, but my website has grown so much more.  I created my own Couch to 5K podcast, and created a Wall of Fame  for my successful 5K runners.  In January, I had nearly 800 visitors in one day, and have had almost 47,000 visitors total.  I’m even a certified group fitness instructor, in the process of making a fitness DVD.   This time last year I would’ve laughed it someone would have told me that this is where I would be today.  There are a lot of other cool things that happened in the past year, most of which I talked about in my New Year’s Review Post.  But just wanted to say, “Happy Birthday Running Into Shape!”

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