My best friend’s sister invited me to a Zumba dance party fundraiser.  I’ve heard about Zumba but I’ve never attended a class before.  I packed my gym bag last night, because I knew I wouldn’t have time to come home and get dressed before the Zumba party began.  However, I still had a few errands to run and arrived just a few minutes late.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I followed the loud salsa reggae music to the gym at the church where class had already started.  The moves those ladies were doing didn’t have anything to do with church or Jesus.  I asked my best friend, how do you know what to do? just follow along?  She told me to follow the teacher on the stage.  That little lady was dancing and popping and locking and dropping and shaking and twisting.  I am about the most uncoordinated black girl I know, how in the world was I, gonna do choreographed dance moves like that?  I uncomfortably did a couple of hip rolls and a few steps on top of my own feet to the left and to the right.  But, I looked around at the other 40 or so women who looked like they were having a blast.  Everyone was dancing to their own groove screaming Zumba!  I decided to relax a little and enjoy it for what it was, who cared if I stepped to the left 2 seconds after the teacher stepped to the right.  I let go of my inhibitions and had so much fun!  I caught on after the first couple songs and realized that the high energy dance moves went along with the lyrics and they pretty much repeated at the chorus.  I’ve never done a cardio class quite like that.  The instructor said you can burn up to 1000 calories in a one hour Zumba class.  I felt like I was in a hip-hop, belly dancing, salsa music video.  I looked like Beyonce or Janet Jackson…kinda…sorta..well, anyway, I felt like I had learned some sexy moves.  As the lights came up I grabbed my bottled water happy that I had completed my first Zumba class. 

Then the energetic instructor informed us that we were on an intermission and had 40 minutes left after the break.  Hmmmm, all I could think was that I have 11 miles of group training at 7 in the morning, is this really the best idea? I was looking around to see if anyone left but it didn’t appear that anyone did. Wow, another 40 minutes?  I grudgingly got back out on the floor when the lights went down and the disco party lights began to flicker.  For the first song I kind of half did all the moves because I was so scared that I was going to hurt tomorrow morning.  Then I said what the heck, I’m here, I might as well give it all I’ve got to burn off all of the calories I can.  For the next 40 minutes I danced, threw my hands up, jumped and screamed Zumba!  It was a ton of fun, and a ton of sweat.  I felt so good after class was over and looking forward to my next. Thanks best friend for inviting me.

  1. I LOVE ZUMBA! It is the highlight of my week. I was very self-conscious and nervous the first time I went to the Zumba class at the Y (especially being the klutz that I am) and one of the gals reassured me, saying ” relax one here is a ballerina”. Yes, there are women that are great dancers, but most of us just enjoy the music and the basic steps that repeat. We have a few brave men in the class but its mostly women. What’s not to enjoy—- burning a lot of calories, great music and fun!

  2. I was totally lost at my first several Zumba classes. I love it now. It is in my schedule a couple times a week. I have even worked on the C25K & went to a Zumba class afterward.

  3. So glad you enjoyed Zumba. I take a couple of classes a week just to break up my routine. Depending on the instructor, I get a great workout and am able to leave inhibitions at the door. Though, truthfully, I’m rarely the shy one in the crowd. I even threw a Zumba party at my apt. complex in the indoor basketball court for family, friends and co-workers. Everyone had a blast! I hope you keep it up. I think you would probably be an awesome Zumba instructor…hint, hint.

  4. Zumba is a ton of fun if you can do exactly what you did…let loose and dance! I usually sub in a zumba class for a light workout day since i haven’t found the “right” yoga class. Oh…and you’re not alone at being uncoordinated. I was the only black girl in my HS class and couldn’t make the drill team! HAHA!!!

  5. have convinced me that I should try a Zumba class… I have felt soooo uncooordinated and lame…but heck…why not try? I’ll let you know how it goes…. thanks for inspiring me…1000 calories? yay…ttysoon

  6. I love Zumba! The energy that you feel in class is unlike any other exercise class. Everyone seems to be in their own world trying to keep up with the steps and just enjoying themselves.

    Good job!

  7. Sharon, I go to the Y, I wonder if they have a class at mine? I’m going to check and see…I can’t believe there are men that attend! But, I guess I can believe it because I saw a commerical advertising the DVD and Zumba was created by a guy.

  8. Wow Diana, that’s great, running and zumba, that’s got to burn a TON of calories.

  9. DD! Did you miss the part about me being uncoordinated?! LOL! Teach a Zumba class? Now that’s funny. How about walk without tripping on a regular basis…. I might start there. The party idea sounds like so much fun, I might host one, but that’s about it. 🙂

  10. TEXNY, I was cracking up laughing about you not making the drill team. I didn’t even try out for stuff like that. I was the score keeper for volleyball in highschool. And only in my dreams was I a skinny Golden Girl in a shiny cat suit dancing at the Mizzou football games! We might be uncoordinated, but we’ve got cool blogs! HA!

  11. Mama Helen you can do it!!!! If you can run a 5k, you certainly keep up in Zumba dance class.

  12. Linda , you’re right, everybody is so busy trying to keep up, I don’t think you even pay attention to the other ladies.

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