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Have big dreams of running a 5K one day? Need to Lose some weight? Got a list of questions on how to properly train to run for 3 miles? Have you started training before, only to quit a short while later? You’re not alone.

Train with me for a few short weeks and I’ll Give You a Successful 5K Run.

Join Me and 19,000 other runners and kick-start your 5K training with my new book “The Official 5K Training Guide.”


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You Will Be Given:

purple-flame sm An Exclusive Pre-Runner Plan & 5K Training Schedule

purple-flame sm Training Tips: Each week along the way you’ll be given Coach Carli’s instructions on training for a 5K

purple-flame sm Inspiration: Encouragement you will need when training gets tough.

purple-flame sm An Exclusive Race Day Podcast with over an hour’s worth of great music and support and coaching from me.


I’m not a natural when it comes to running. When I trained for my 1st 5K, I was 100 pounds overweight, and I hadn’t run since I was child. However, I knew that fitness was important to my health and weight loss goals. Training for a 5K was the perfect way for me to get in shape and tone up.

The Official 5K Training Guide is about how to train for a 5K and overcome the part of your brain that says “Oh, no, I could never be a runner.” Each week I encourage you with thoughts from my journey and give you hot fitness tips to make your run much easier than if you tried to train alone. You might think, “Can’t I just Google ‘training tips?'” Of course can if you want to sift through tons of blog posts with amateurs giving questionable advice. When you download my book, you can save yourself the headache with my tried and proven ACE certified training tips for success. If I did it, I Know you Can ~ Carli Fierce

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It’s not just for newbies, it’s Perfect for Runners who want more out of their current routine

The Official 5K Training Guide is for runners at different stages of fitness including:

purple-flame smYou’ve been running for a while but need to increase your speed
purple-flame smYou want to run a 5K and don’t know what to do next
purple-flame smYou’re a runner that’s lacking motivation.

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What People are Saying about The Official 5K Training Guide & Podcasts

  • Your book is awesome, very informative. It truly prepares you for a 5K race. I learned a lot about what to wear, warm up, workout, cooling down and stretching. It was easy to follow and read. I loved how it was so personal to you. Great job!” ~ M. Monroe – Missouri
  • Hey Carli, I ran my first 5k in 29.16 today! Couldn’t have done it without you!” ~Timothy J.
  • AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Your 5K Podcast has been a great help on my running journey. On tomorrow me and two friends will start training a group to run their 1st 5K. P.S. I LOVE the book! You think of everything!” ~ K. Davis
  • Hey from 90 pounds down so far, about 33 more to go. Ran five 5K races in the last year, did my C25k training with the help of your podcasts! Still running regularly and enjoying it so much! ~ Clara from Graceville, FL!
  • Your book was so inspiring, the more I read, the more I believed i could get off my couch and run a 5K. At the age of 60, I feel like I ‘m committed and prepared for the spring running season. Thanks for inspiring me.” ~ S. Bradford
  • I had NEVER run before. But, I did get off the couch and followed your program week by week. I loved it so much that I have continued and just finished my first 1/2 marathon. I even listened to my favorite “Week 7″ as I ran. Your podcasts are so motivational and inspirational all at the same time. Also, thanks to your program I am down 70 pounds too. ~Allie Utah
  • I’m 55 years old! I completed my first 5K this weekend and ran to your week 9 podcast! I ran it in 37 min 37 seconds. ~Pam in Lafayette, Louisiana

The Brains Behind the eBook
halfCarli Fierce is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. She has been blogging and training for race events for several years, and has one of the most popular 5K training podcasts to date. She’s helped thousands of people become first time 5K runners and countless others to get motivated and lose weight.
She openly shares her struggles with weight loss and her journey to fitness here on her blog which inspired over 1 Million visitors and soon to be runners.

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This 70+ page resource is ready for you to download right now. It retails for only $9.99 $4.99, this is a resource that is designed to bring life and revitalization to your run again and again as you continue to use it over coming months.

30 Day Money back
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the Running Into Shape: The Official 5K Training Guide PDF eBook after 30 Days, Just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you become a new runner or become better at running a 5K.
If you have any questions about the book or problems with the download, don’t hesitate to EMAIL ME.

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Note: Although this book does reference long distance training techniques, This eBook is designed for runners who want to run a 5K or improve their current running techniques.