I went to boot camp class last night.  I pretty much limped the whole way through it.  I tried to run, but my left knee was killing me, so I just walked during the runs.  I was so happy that class wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  My body isn’t used to working out almost everyday like I’ve been doing.  So, I decided that it would be best to take a day off.  That was until one of my best friends called and asked me to walk with her in the park.  How could I tell her no? I always ask somebody to walk with me, when I need motivation.  She said she wanted to walk 3 miles. It was so nice outside today, there was no good reason not to be outside and take advantage of the sunshine. My friend is a curvy girl like me, and when she stepped outside she said the weather was just delicious. LOL, only a thick girl would describe the weather as delicious.  🙂  I liked her description so much that I decided to call this post a delicious walk.  I was so proud of her because she normally doesn’t walk for 3 miles, and she finished the whole walk.  But that’s the good thing about working out outside.  Even if you feel like quitting, you still have to walk back to the car.  It made me think back to how hard 3 miles used to be, one time I almost had a panic attack because the car was no where in sight.   But, now I’ve walked the same path so much that it was routine.  My knee gave me a little trouble on the hills, but for the most part we walked at slower pace than I normally do, so I was okay.  It was fun to take a stroll with my friend having good girl talk and work on getting healthy at the same time.  I was truly a delicious walk.
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