Guess what guys?  I went to my first ever Saturday Morning bootcamp class.  I’ve been going to Lyle’s class for quite some time, but I always go to the Tuesday and Thursday evening class.  I’ve planned on going to the 7 AM Saturday class many times, but always too lazy to get up.  Well on Friday, I was telling my co-worker about the wonders of the class and she agreed to try one with me.  I am NOT a morning person, so I got dressed in my workout clothes before I went to sleep Friday night and put my shoes at the foot of my bed.  When I got up, Nyah was still sleep, she didn’t even acknowledge that I was up and moving around.  I just laughed at her simple life.  When I got to class, my co-worker friend was already there.  We started with the warm up exercises and then did a lap.  But, not your regular lap around the track.  Lyle had a speaking engagement, so we had a substitute teacher who spiced it up a little.  For the first quarter of the track we did walking lunges, and then we skipped around.  I wondered how in the world do children skip for fun? …The grounds crew was cutting the grass on the track field, and my allergies were so flared up, I could barely breathe.  For the next portion we side shuffled, and for the last quarter we ran backwards down the track.  I felt like I was about to pass out, it was already hot outside, and all the grass flying just made it worse.  I struggled through the rest of the class, but my friend and I gave each other pep talks through the planks, jumping jacks, bicycles and leg lifts.  After 45 minutes of struggling to breathe, we took our victory lap, which was just a tired casual stroll around the track, and finally it was over.  We were both sweating and happy we were finished.  She said, you need to work out for 2-3 months before you even start this class just to be able to keep up.  I was running on an adrenaline high for about an hour, and then I came home crashed and took a much needed nap so that I would rested for my date tonight!

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