Joy To The World!  First let me say that my cute little idea  to make my blog post title a Christmas themed song was a little more challenging than I thought….Anyway, just a quick post, because I’m excited that I had a great day.  I woke up this morning and said today, I will not eat any office treats.  Just for today.  When I got to work, there was homemade fudge, cupcakes, pretzels, chocolate covered cakey things, and all kinds of flavored popcorn.  Oh, and Christmas cookies and little pastries. One of my co-workers said you must try the cinnamon popcorn, and I said nope, not today……  This evening, I worked out at home in my living room to Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred with my best friend.  It feels so good not to have to regret eating bad crap or skipping a workout.  Yay me! LOL! 

What Did Carli Eat Today?

 B– Protein Shake (it spilled as I was putting the lid on, and I just made another)

S– No Snack! That’s a first…well I forgot I did have a hot green tea with Splenda so… no calories

L– Half pastrami sandwich and half salad 

D– Turkey tenderloin and Broccoli with Cheese

  1. Yay Carli! Victory over the office treats!

  2. You go girl! Its one victory at a time and each time it gets easier. There is junk food (i.e. treats) all over the place I work. I just save my extra calories for the things I really like – not just anything and I always eat breakfast before I get to work to prevent the “oh there’s cake and I didn’t have breakfast” situation. 🙂

    Proud of you for this victory!

  3. Well done. So, I guess you can just do one day each day. Kinda the one day at a time theory I guess. Congratulations!

  4. Angela, it’s not easy, but I’m still doing great!

  5. Clara,I like that you called it “junk food” that’s a much better word than “treat”…I’m really putting forth an effort to stop seeing “junk food” as a treat. Thanks for contining to follow my blog!

  6. FabuLeslie, that 1 day at time theory is really working for me…instead of saying I’m never going to eat junk food at the office again, each day I’ve said, “just for today” I won’t eat it. It makes it much more acheiveable.

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