I’m not in Kansas anymore!  Well technically, I live in Missouri, but right now I’m in Los Angeles, California, which is definitely not like Kansas or Missouri.  Most days the temperature is in the low 70’s and I’m here on a much needed vacation.   I am relaxing and having a blast.  My flight landed shortly after Noon, and my Hollywood Aunt picked me up from the airport.  We had lunch at Casa Vega, a Mexican restaurant with a mean oven baked burrito.  Then I went to buy some new hair weave.  I’m not scared to talk about my hair weave, but please don’t just ask random black girls if their hair is a weave, LOL!  Anyway, the lady I bought it from has her own makeup line and does makeup and eyebrows for celebrities.   While I was there, she hand blended some foundation to match my skin tone.  It looks amazing! Finding good makeup for chocolate brown skin like mine can be a challenge.   It was such a fun process to watch, you never think of how much work it takes to make stuff, when you just buy it at the counter.  I’m glad my Auntie bought it for me, because I’m not ballin’ like that! 

Later my Aunt and I took a brisk walk around a neighborhood park.  My iPod was dead from listening to it on the plane, so I couldn’t track the exact distance.   My Aunt kept calling it “exercise” and y’all know that’s like a curse word for me.   I never call it exercise.  It’s walking, running, training, working out, getting in activity, anything but dreaded exercise. 

That evening we went to dinner with her best friend Leslie who you probably know as, Stanley from the hit show “The Office”, and her friend Stepp Stewart who you probably saw teaching a New Year’s dance “exercise” routine on Dr. Oz’s show on Wednesday.  It was so fun schmoozing with celebs, their lifestyle is so different.  Random strangers come up and want autographs and pictures while you eat. It’s weird because they’re just family to me….but, I’m reminded of their celebrity status when I see people “secretly” debate on which friend is bold enough to come up to the table and ask for a picture.  Anyway we ate salad and some fantastic pizza from little Italian cafe called Caioti.  It was a fantastic start to my vacation! 

Today, I went and got a pedicure, she did such a good job, and she hand painted a flower on my big toe as a “souvenir.” 

Then I went shopping.  I had so much fun, I love shopping. I got a “little black dress” regularly priced $80 for only $15 bucks.  Then we went to the movies to see “The Fighter.”  But not just any movie theater.  It was really fancy dancy.  Huge plush recliner chairs, a full menu, cocktails  and waiter with a call button.  Now THAT’s how you watch a movie.  I didn’t want to leave when it was over.  We shopped some more at the local Pasadena shops.  Pampering, shopping deals, and a great movie at a swank theater…I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Well, I didn’t walk today, but I hope to squeeze in another walk tomorrow. 

Having Fun in the California Sun!


  1. I often look like a weirdo taking pics of food and people working, but I do it for you guys! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you are close, but Runyon Canyon in Hollywood is an amazing place to go walking!!!

  3. Wow, you ate dinner with “Stanley.” He is one of my favorite characters on that show. Anyway, what a stressful day. It was nice to get out on the road and do my third and final workout of week 1. Looking forward to week 2. Have fun in Cali.


  4. Heather! I’m on my way to my first trip to Runyon Canyon now. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. *waves* hi from Northern California, where it is definitely NOT sunny! Enjoy your vacation! I’m living vicariously through you, while attempting to get serious about my bridge to 10K again!

  6. Hi Angela, I had an AWESOME vacation. I’m back in snowy cold St. Louis, preparing for the next storm *sigh* back to the real world.

  7. Heather Girl, you’ve got a post all about you! LOL https://carlifierce.com/2011/01/08/conquering-the-mountain/

  8. Hey Bill, glad you’re moving on to Week 2. Leslie is so cool…similar personality to his character. I’m gonna post up a pic a took with his SAG award soon.

  9. Carli! Was that Joe Peschi (how do you spell his name???) in your pictures? I didn’t know you hob-nobbed with famous people! I’m so glad you had a good vacay. I’m jealous…snow, snow, snow in Montana…not sure how I will make it to June!


  10. Jen, I thought I had responded to this comment, whoops! But yes indeedy, that was Joe Pesci! He was so cool. I met him at my Aunt’s country club. They said Matthew Mcconaughey sometimes plays golf there too. Now THATs a pic that I wanted to take. LOL!

  11. Cali, I wanted to knowif you are going to finish you couch 2 10k podcast. Week one and two are great… Thanks for doing them….. Julia

  12. Julia, I have big dreams of finishing my Bridge to 10k Podcast. It’s all a matter of time. The podcasts take days and days just to do one week. Right now, I’ve got somethings going on that are taking up a lot of my free time. But when things settle down and i don’t have to work so hard…I promise I will get back to them. Sorry for holding you up.

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