Hey everybody!  I’ve been working…hard.  We have HUGE trial coming up next month, and it’s grind time.  We’re preparing thousands of exhibits and filing endless motions.  I worked several 12 hour days back to back.  I can hardly tell what day of the week it is.  But don’t feel too sorry for me, I get time and half, and that’s a nice treat right before Christmas.  Hence my blog post title reference to the Donna Summer’s hit song from the 80s.  I’m working hard for the money.  But, needless to say, working until midnight doesn’t leave a lot of time for working out, and the gym is usually closed by the time I get home.  When I asked my Lawyer Lady on Friday how late I would need to work on Saturday, she only half jokingly responded, “bring a sleeping bag.”  Saturday morning before heading in to the law office, I was tired, but recruited my mom to go to the gym with me.  No iPod needed, because we just talked the whole time.  We talked ourselves though 2 full miles (with an incline) on neighboring treadmills.  We had a good time discussing Oprah’s favorite things in the O magazine I brought along. 

Since, it will probably be busy like this for the next month or so, I just purchased 2 Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD’s.  I call her Chatty Cathy, because she talks so much that you forget that you walked 3 miles in front of the TV.  One DVD even has a power walk  for 5 miles.  That way, regardless of how late I get home, I shouldn’t really have an excuse to get off my half marathon training schedule.  Well…my house looks like it threw up on itself and my eyes are tired.  I just wanted to let you know I was alive and well.  And for those who want to know..I’m still chatting it up every day with my special friend, we’re texting now…

  1. Way to go for finding a way to keep your training schedule even when life gets in the way!

  2. You rock. Like….really rock. Working crazy hard, spending sweat time w/the Mom, Leslie S after work and texting the dark park friend. Get it girl!

  3. I hope things slow down so you can enjoy the holidays. Good for you staying motivated to work out even after a long day & night at work. And thank you for the special friend update! I am always curious.

  4. Glad to know you’re well and stacking that paper….

    I love Walk Away the Pounds. I find myself talking back to Leslie like we’re girlfriends. You may want to also consider the workout packets from Mizfit on mytrainerfitness.com – there is a packet for at-work workouts as well as at-home and outdoor workouts.

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