A while back one of my guy friends asked me “Do you wear underwear to the gym when you work out?” I told him, “Yes, normally I do.” And he told me that upon assessing the women at the gym, he didn’t see many panty lines. We came to the conclusion that the ladies were either wearing thong undies (which is highly unlikely) or just not wearing underwear at all. My underwear sometimes really annoy me during a workout, and I decided to try going to the gym the next time without them. It was so comfortable, there was no unnecessary grabbing, pulling or embarrassing digging. Now, I can say that about 70% of the time, I don’t wear underwear to the gym! Is that weird? Do you wear underwear when you work out? Am I over-sharing? Just my random thought of the day…

Sweating Cousins

Anyway, I text my Gym Cousin to meet me at the gym this afternoon. I got dressed, (without underwear) LOL and met him there for Week Two of the Couch to 5K. I watched the MTV show called Catfish on my treadmill during my run. It’s a show about real people who get hoaxed with online dating (aka Catfished). When they finally met the real person, the person is not who they said they were. Sometimes the person finds out that it was really a guy posing as a woman etc. Kind of like the big media hype with the football player Manti Te’o , who thought he was dating a girl online but it really was a guy. As I coached my cousin through his runs, I told him, that in some ways I can sympathize with the people who fall for the hoax. When I first tried online dating about 5 years ago, I was “dating” this guy from the Barbados for several months before I actually met him. Skype and FaceTime were not as popular, so we had only seen pictures of each other, and never talked on the phone. We only sent instant messages and emails since he lived out of the country. When he finally got to America, his accent was so thick that I could not understand him at all! He would have to repeat simple phrases three times just for me to understand. It didn’t turn into much, but at least my guy was really a man and really in med school like he said. But, in hindsight, I guess I could’ve just as easily been fooled. Between watching Catfish and chatting it up with my cousin, I finished all of the interval runs. Day 3 of Week 2 seemed much less tortuous than my previous runs. I was glad the we encouraged each other to hit the gym on Valentine’s day, which prepared us for today. We decided that we will do one more day of Week 2 and then move on to Week 3.

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  1. Workouts sans underwear is a great idea! I’ll have to try that. It would be nice to not have to find ways to remove the wedge w/o someone seeing. LOL!
    I had previously done the couch to 5k w/your podcasts and loved it!! I need to get back in and start over too. Think i’ll start this week.
    I love reading your blogs. It’s nice to see someone else on the journey and who is real and not the “rah rah, overly enthusiastice, skinny, aerobics teacher” type. Not that they are bad, just sometimes more annoying than motivating. 🙂
    Have a great week, Carli.


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