I slept in this morning, as I do on most Saturdays. When I got up, I made some pancakes topped with fresh sliced bananas and talked on the phone to my little sister for over an hour.  She caught me up on school and boys and everything else that’s going on in her college world.  Then, my Mom called and asked if I wanted to go to Christian line dancing.  I had never even heard of Christian line dancing, but I’m always game for a new type of physical activity, especially since I didn’t feel like going to the gym.

Later in the afternoon, my Mom picked me up and we went to a small church in North County.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I had an open mind.  My aunt, my cousin and her daughter we there too. I love spending time with my family.

We all gathered around in the sanctuary.  I know some churches would never allowing dancing in the church, let alone the sanctuary, but I guess that was the only place with enough room in the small building.  None of my family is really shy and we all stood in the front row near the instructors. The main instructor was awesome, she told us the only rules were to 1) Have fun 2) Forgive yourself if you miss a step 3) and Keep moving.  We started with a warm-up that was typical of a low impact group aerobics class. We walked in place and did neck rolls and lunges.

The first slide line dance that we did was called the “Sanctified Slide.”  It was basic enough for us newbies to move and step to the beat. It reminded me of the classic Electric Slide, but with Gospel music instead. Each line dance got progressively more challenging, and more fun! The last dance was called “Everybody Clap Your Hands,” with cute cowboy kicks and 3 step shuffles with a clap. There was even a “raise the roof” arm lifting dance.  I actually worked up a sweat during this dance.  She told us to add our own flavor and we were moving and grooving in the church.  By the end of class, we had learned four complete line dance routines.   Just when I thought it was over, she played each of the songs and we did all of the dances back to back without step by step instruction.  I had a blast!  Some people were too tired to hang on until the end, but it made me feel good that I was able to keep up the whole time.  The other instructor was wearing a pedometer and told us that over the course of the hour and a half long class, we completed 3 miles.  It was so fun, I couldn’t believe we took that many steps. People asked me afterwards how many times I’d previously attended, because of the way I moved around and kept up.  “Never” I said with a laugh, “never even heard of it.”   I planned to go to the gym afterwards for a “real” workout.  But, when I got home and got out of the car my legs were sore.  I felt each step all through my thighs and my calves.  That was indeed a “real” workout, even though I wasn’t in the gym. That was enough for me.  The instructor said she teaches a “secular” line dancing class on Saturdays at the local community college.  I’ll definitely be looking it up, what a fun way to finish 3 miles. 

  1. Very fun!!! I just might have to look into something like that! As long as we keep moving!!!!

  2. Yep, it was good times. She teaches at the local community college and at a rec center. I’m sure I’ll end up at one of them. Thanks for the hug 🙂

  3. have you done Zumba? Latin dancing and you can pretend you SHOULD have been someone’s back up dancer!

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