Well….I’m not sure where to start.  I have a Class Pass, so I’m trying all sorts of different group exercise classes.  I got up early again and went to boxing class at six in the morning.  Unlike last time, I was familiar with the location, I picked the right door and knew what to expect. I felt comfortable and was able to keep up 90% of the time and worked up a great sweat.  But silly me, I also signed up for a Barre Class that night at The Bar Method.

I felt like I walked into a spa or a swank dance studio in New York.  Although I’ve never been to a fancy dance studio in NY, if I had, I imagine it would look like this.  The lady behind the desk was so nice.  She didn’t look at me like what are you doing here? They had my name on the list, it actually said “Carli Fierce” with a star by it.  That always makes me chuckle going by my alias.  She gave me a quick tour and informed me that the instructor would give me corrections and perhaps even come over to help put me in proper form during the class.

The workout room had mirrored walls with ballet bars and plush cream-colored carpet.  Carpet? None of the other ladies looked or dressed like regular gym folk. I recently stepped up my game in the fitness wear department.  Kohl’s had a sale, they have plus size fitness clothes which seems nearly impossible to find.   I was so glad that I’d worn nice black yoga pants and a cute purple shirt, and not my 5K t-shirt from 5 years ago.  At the beginning of class, the instructor welcomed all 6 newbies by name.  That was impressive.  She looked like Anna Kendrick, the actress from Pitch Perfect. I’d never seen her and she knew my name.  I couldn’t help but wonder did the girl at the front desk give her a physical description of each one of us?  She told us to stand with our feet shoulder width apart.  She told me specifically over the microphone “Bring your feet closer, you’re smaller than you think.”  Ummm that was cute I guess, but I was thinking my thighs are bigger than you think LOL! She was gentle, but gave many corrections to several students.  This class was so freaking hard.  It was even hard for me to get my short chunky leg up on the bar.  I don’t have the typical ballerina body.  There was this ladder looking thing, and she showed me that I could use that instead of the bar because it had a lower rung.  We focused on “isometric movements” tiny little movements like moving the hand weight just one inch back and forth.  That BURNS.  It burned more so than the 135 pounds I’d squatted with Dan the night before.  We had to do crazy stuff like squats while standing on our toes.

There were some positions I physically could not do because I have too much boobs and stomach.   Even though it’s weird to be called out by the teacher, it helps you stay focused, because it’s easy to slack off or have improper form in a group setting.  I felt the sweat and the burn and tried to “embrace the shake,” but I probably won’t go back unless I lose major weight, and I’m ready sculpt and tone.  I called my sister right afterward and told her that her description of the class as “ballet on crack” was an understatement.  I was so sore, it hurt to hold the phone up to my ear.  Maybe one day when I’m a trophy wife I’ll go back, but for now, I’ll stick to traditional cardio.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a friend who bought the Barre Class DVD’s and did a class every other day. She looks fabulous. They also have a great blog and on-line classes. I’m going to start doing the on-line classes (instead of just promoting it).

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