It was dark and chilly at 5:40 in the morning as I drove through Forest Park on my way to Hot Yoga class. I saw a group of runners with headlamps jogging down the runners trail. I actually rolled my eyes and said to myself
“Look at these crazy people jogging before sunrise. It’s still so dark outside that they need miner’s headlamps to see where they’re going.”

Then shock and horror washed over my face.  I’m in the car on my way to a yoga class that starts at 6 AM. Oh my goodness! This means, I have become one of those crazy weird people.  I have always been in awe of those people, wondering how they could get up before dawn to run.  But, for 3 days in a row last week I worked out at 6AM, because I wanted to honor my health and put fitness first.   I’m realizing those people aren’t crazy or weird, they’re making a sacrifice to care for their bodies.  They are making time to be active when it fits their schedule.

My transformation to being healthy isn’t happening when I wanted it to happen (let’s say 10 years ago.)  But, it’s happening people!  I’m so excited that you’re here to join me during my transformation.


  1. Good for you!!! What an awesome “aha” moment. I just signed up for half marathon training which starts in December…at 7:30am on Saturdays! I was just thinking how crazy I must be becoming myself. It is encouraging to read your blog and know that I am not alone!

    • Hi Robyn! Nope you’re not alone. I remember training for my half marathon, we had a crazy early meet up times too. If I finished a half, I know you can. Happy Running

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