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podcastAre you confused? Yes, technically I am Carli.  Just like Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, I have Carli, my sexy, healthy, blogging, 5K running alter-ego.  And Carli created a 9 week podcast to get people off the couch and into a running exercise routine.  Once I figure out how to link it to my website, you too can get off the couch and workout with Carli.  I decided today to do yet another 5K. run, the all-star 5K  in July.  It will be timed, so I have to get in racing shape…because you know I have an issue with being last.  Even though I jog a 5K now on a regular basis, it’s a very slow jogging pace.  I want to run.  So I’m starting my training routine over with my own training podcast, but running instead of jogging….Call me crazy…or just call me Carli!  

  1. Hi Carli,

    I just wanted to thank you for these podcasts! I initially downloaded Rob Ullrey’s ones but discovered yours and much prefer having your happy voice cheering me on 🙂 Looking forward to some more (or maybe I’ll be inspired to do my own).

    Just finished W1D3 and am registered for my first 5K in November *eek*

    Anne in Australia.

    • Australia!!! Wow…that blew my mind. Yes more are coming. I’m working on them right now. I hope to have weeks 5 – 7 posted by the end of the week. Thanks for listening! I get to run along with you guys, as I’ve signed up for my next 5K in October.

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