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Treadmill Training

My body, wasn’t sore today, so maybe it is good that I took the day off and went on my shopping adventure.  I love walking in the park, but it was so gross and raining outside that me and the little sis were forced to go to […]

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My Work-cation in Hollywood

Guess where I am?  Yep, Hollywood, Los Angles California.  I’m so excited to be here.  My job sent me here for a week long computer training class, but I’m staying for the weekend and spending time with my Aunt that’s an actress.  Everyone in LA is such a character….  […]

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Mandatory Time Out

After my boot camp adventure on Tuesday, I felt a little sore.  On Wednesday, I still felt sore.  By Thursday, the pain was more concentrated and severe; so I went to the doctor.  I found out it was more than just being sore from boot camp.  I’ve […]

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