bootcampThe Komen walk on Saturday made me wonder if I was actually going to be prepared to run the 5K  in heat of July.  Running outside in the sun, is definitely different than jogging in a cool breeze in April.  So, to counteract my fear, I signed up for boot camp class at 6 AM, three days a week!  The instructor is great, he pushes you to do better, but is still nice enough to make you want to come back.  Does this mean some days I’ll get in 2 workouts???? Mmmm….I’m going to let that thought marinate for a while…Oh yeah, funny story, I convinced my Mom to sign up the little sister for boot camp class too!  The little sister was soooo mad at me, I was dying laughing, when she answered the phone with an attitude and complained about how she would be “busy” at 6 AM, and needed her sleep.  Anyway, she forgave me and we went to the gym to get out of the rain.  Week 2 of training was hard.  I’m still trying to get used to my new faster pace, and I got a stomach cramp again and had to slow down.  However, I finished about 2 miles in 30 minutes.   Not too Shabby.

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