The Warrior who Saved Me

Cell phone Pic of the Warrior who Saved Me

      Let me start by setting the scene…it’s a scorching St. Louis summer day and a humid 89 degrees at high noon.  I thought jogging outside would help prepare me for my summer 5K run.  BAD IDEA!  About 1 mile into my run I though I would die.  Sweat was dripping everywhere, I had to use Nyah’s leash like horse reins just to get her to keep moving.  Carli asked though my iPod, “Okay, ready for your 3 minute run?” “No Way” I yelled back to my alter ego….however, it was entertaining though to see an elderly Asian couple pushing a 5 gallon paint bucket in a baby stroller down the bike path….Well anyway, about a 1/4 of a mile from death and my car, a friendly gentleman dressed in Medieval fighting attire, sword and all, offered me and Nyah cold water.  Who knew that a group of Midevil reenactment warriors would quench my dying thirst?   After 2 long tortuous miles, and a strong body odor that resembled onions and mustard…Nyah and I made it home safely.  We now know that next time, we will have to get up and beat the sun, so that the sun won’t beat us!


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