Today, I was determined to run the entire 3.1 miles to prepare for my 5K race on Sunday, although part of me felt like I couldn’t do it.  Which was is totally crazy, seeing as how I did it in April.  I was still hurting from yesterday’s Jump Rope fest during boot camp class and totally unmotivated to go running.  I went to Forest Park anyway, and hit my regular path that I know for sure is 3 miles since my Nike iPod tracker still needs to be calibrated.  Today’s run was hard…my left leg cramped up…that annoying pain in my right side reared it’s ugly head, but I pressed through it.  Like the boot camp instructor said, once you work though the tough parts, you’ll see your break through….and low and behold I did.  I was in a good groove, that is until the Mama duck and her ducklings took their time crossing from the pond over the bike/jogging trail.   They were so cute, but they slowed me down as you see on the chart.  Eventually, I picked back up my speed and finished in 53 minutes!  Maybe I’ll be able to meet my goals after all! 

7-7-09 Run

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