I woke up this morning to the most wonderful thing ever…..Sunshine! I was so excited.   I feel like I live in Seattle with all the rain we’ve had here.  I think it rained more than 20 days of last month.  I’m sure you’ve heard me rant and rave about how much I hate rain; it’s so gloomy and depressing to me.  To wake up and see sunshine after having weeks on end of dreary days was truly refreshing.  When I let Nyah out, I saw that we had a few inches of snow, fortunately nothing like “Snow-mageddon” in D.C.  I was a little worried that the snow would scare people away from my fitness class.  The good part about being the teacher is that I can’t really make up too many excuses not to work out.  But one thing I still battle with the question, “Do I really need to take a shower?”  I think most people who work out in the morning just go, they don’t take a shower, and then come home and take another shower after the workout.  That just seems really redundant.  But, I feel like as the teacher, you can’t really teach the class wearing yesterday’s funk.  So, I went ahead and showered before class.  Mom and I rode together, but about 15 minutes later, no one showed up for class.  My Big little sister was working at her salon and my little sister was taking her ACT test, and other participants had already called and canceled.  Just when I was about to go back home, 2 people showed up.  I told them I passed my Group Fitness Instructor test, and to expect a better class because I’ve learned so much.  After the warm up, I told the 3 lucky ladies it was time to hit the stairs!  After a few runs up the stairs, I threw in a little kick boxing; it was fun.  Class is much better now that I actually have a better understanding of how our body works, instead of just throwing together random exercises.  I felt so good after class; I wanted to work out more!  Last week was just “ugh” I didn’t have any motivation to work out, so I figured I should milk this “want to work out feeling” for all it was worth.  When I got home I put on “The Firm- 500 Calorie workout” DVD.  I thought, I’m pretty much in shape, I can do this.  This DVD was Extremely advanced and very fast paced.  I almost tripped over my feet on more than one occasion.  One move was like step, hop, cross, skip, kick, jump, turn and repeat it.   I guess if you’re a tri-athlete and need something more advanced, this is the workout for you.  I stopped after 15 minutes, so I probably burned 125 calories.  That was enough.  After starting off the morning so wonderfully, the rest of the day had no choice but to follow the lead. 

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