All week, my friend asked me to walk with her on Saturday.  I thought I had a meeting and wouldn’t be able to join her, but the meeting got rescheduled.  I overslept, but still made to her house by 11 Saturday morning.  I did not feel like working out.  I was just tired.  That’s why it always helps to have a workout buddy.  I say it’s really good to have several workout buddies, so if one person is available and you support, you can call on the other.   We power walked one mile to the park near her house, and one mile around the park, and then a mile back.  It was a goooood walk.  There were way more hills than I’m used to in Forest Park.  It was fun and exciting to take a walk on completely new ground in a cute little neighborhood park.  There was however a flock of geese that creeped us out.  I hate birds, I think my Dad traumatized me, by showing me that Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” when I was a little girl.  I’ve always loved scary movies, that Really scared me, LOL!  Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty busy, I had to get my flat tire fixed and take care of household stuff.  But, now the moment you’ve been waiting for….I’m going to tell you my secret! ….I’ve been working on a brand new Couch to 5K podcast!  I think the first one is awesome, but I got a very long email from a guy a named Matt who is a super fan of and a big fan of my podcast.  However, he thought it would be even better to have a podcast with Rock Music and Oldies and even Metal.  Totally not my type of groove, but he was so darn persuasive, that I agreed.  I started working on it a couple weeks ago, and started recording today with my friend in the studio.  It was so fun to record again.  I’m very excited about the new podcast, and it should be up on my site for everyone to try in about 2 weeks.  So that’s my secret.  I can’t wait to help more people with different music taste get fit.  I think the couch to 5K is a great plan to get people moving.  It starts off easy enough to be doable, but provides enough challenge and reward to help you really get fit.   I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I can’t wait to see what people think.

  1. Hi Carli

    I LOVE your podcasts! It has really been the saving grace for me for my c25K program, so thank you so much! I’m sure your new ones with the different varieties of music will be great for others and will help them too! Keep it coming and thanks for thinking of all of us out here!

    West Jordan, Utah

    • Hey Lauren girl, the new ones are soooo not my taste, but I think they will help reach more people in different demographics. I can’t wait to see what people think. They’ll be up soon.

  2. Carli! I am on Week 7 of C25K and I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far without your podcasts! I can’t believe I’m this close to being done with the program.

    Thanks for posting regularly, I’m on my own weight loss journey and it’s good to read about someone going through the same things. I look forward to your updates. 🙂

    Maybe I’ll repeat the C25K and work on my speed so I can listen to your new podcasts!

    • Hey Dana, thanks for stopping by, I think I’m going to do the same thing, I might start over, and work on increasing my speed for a better work out. Good idea.

  3. I LOVE your podcast, but for me, who needs to repeat occasionally, variety is awesome, and having more will be sgood. I even got brave enough to make some (not half bad) ones of my own, with my wee Mac.

    I’m also at a point where I need to be running every single day, so I am thinking of alternating your podcasts for previous weeks on my “off” days.

    Thank you again for doing this. You are a rock star.

  4. Carli, I LOVE your podcasts! And I have shared your website with so many people so that they can download them! I love the music of the first ones but more variety will be GREAT!!! Thanks so much for doing this girl!! You are awesome and such an inspiration!!!

    Mindy 🙂
    Daphne, AL

  5. Carli,

    Your podcast was what saved my C25K training. I had started another podcast and the music was so dull I wanted to stab my ears. Not really, but it wasn’t enought to keep me motivated. I’m so grateful I found yours. I started from week 5 and finished week 9 today. I repeated a lot of weeks until I felt ready to move on to the next week.

    Can I make a suggestion for your new podcast? Keep an eye on the BPM’s. Some of the songs have such a slow BPM that I couldn’t get my HR past 139. I think your song selections are great and they are what motivated me to move from one week to the next. Faster BPM’s toward the end of a run definitely gives you the push you need to finish a workout.Thanks for all the work you put into the podcasts and for motivation people to exercise and lose weight!

    • Claudia, I know the “want to pull my ears off” feeling. That’s why I HAD to make my own podcast. I won’t trash any of the others out there. But, I had to have one that I could at least tolerate. CONGRATS!!!!!!! You finished that’s awesome. I hope you have a race planned soon so that I can put you up on my wall of fame. You did it the right way, at your own pace. When I did my 1st podcast, I didn’t even know what at BPM was. This summer I’m going to make time to do my 5k to 10K podcast. I’ll be more aware of BPM’s. Thanks, and congrats again!

  6. Thanks for responding! I don’t have a race planned. I would like to improve my time. I’m thinking end of May I should be ready to sign up. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!

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