Hey Everybody, I’ve been so busy with Christmas shopping and working, as I’m sure you have too. So, why is this post called “Santa Baby?” Because it’s the ringtone on my cell phone, and I can’t think of anything else….. Today’s office desserts were a little tricky.  I’ve decided to call them desserts instead of “treats” in my efforts to not see food as a “treat” that I “deserve”.  When I got there this morning there was a cute little red present box on my chair.  When I opened it, it was filled with chocolates and candy.  I was kinda thinking “thanks, but no thanks.”   I told myself it would be easier not to eat any of them instead of trying to eat just a little.  Then I convinced myself that I could “re-gift” it if I didn’t eat any.  I just hope whoever I re-gift the box to doesn’t read my blog! LOL

Anyway, my co-worker friend and I still take turns bringing in lunch.  Today she brought bar-b-que chicken breast, potato salad and corn on the cob.  It was so good it reminded me of a summer holiday….   Then came the cupcakes from The Cupcakery bakery.  I heard rave reviews from everyone and I really wanted to try one.  But the thing is, it felt different.  It wasn’t like I felt out of control or like I had to have it.  I just wanted it, and I made a conscious effort to count it into my daily calorie allowance.  And let me tell you, it was worth every calorie, the icing was to die for.  Maybe I shouldn’t give any more details, because my little sister said she read my blog and it made her want to eat “Thanksgiving food & cake“….not quite what I’m going for when I write these posts…..  Anyway, after my heavenly piece of deliciousness, and pretty hearty lunch, I only had 200 calories left for the day…. oh well…..  I told y’all they send out emails about all the food in the kitchen.  The email this afternoon said, “There is turtle cheesecake in the north kitchen and strawberry cheesecake in the south kitchen.”  Really???!!! Come on!  I said they’re trying to kill me.  Later when I went to re-fill my water jug I saw the turtle cheesecake.   Now that’s when I had to pray HARD! “Lawd God, please help me not eat the cheesecake, help me fill my water jug and go back to my desk….please….like for real… like it looks so good…come on now God, anytime now….help a sista out…” I took a deep breath, and went back to my desk.  Victory!  ….When I came home I ate a lean cuisine frozen meal and felt satisfied. So the lesson learned from this post is not to Google “The Cupcakery” or go eat cheesecake, but to allow yourself a little dessert if you count it, and realize that you are strong enough to fight Christmas holiday food temptations and stick to your plan. 

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Slim-Fast Shake and a peanut butter/choc chip granola bar

L– BBQ Chicken Breast, corn on the cob and homemade potato salad.  (my girl went all out cooking lunch for today…She had to after I brought in my garlic parmesan chicken, I think we’re competing lol)

S– The giant cupcake

D– Lean Cuisine Chicken pizza frozen meal

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