A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Wednesday morning.  Significant ice accumulations of up to an inch south and east of the metro area by Tuesday afternoon.  Sleet and snow will then follow along with strong winds further stressing trees and power lines.

Today: Freezing drizzle and freezing rain and rain developing with up to .25″ of ice accumulation by late evening. Highs near 33.

Tonight: Freezing rain in the metro area…sleet and snow farther north and west. Lows in the mid 20s.

Tuesday: Freezing rain changing to sleet then to snow during the day and continuing overnight.  Snow will be heavy and, at times, may be accompanied by thunder.  Highs near 30.  Metro snow and sleet accumulations of 4 to 10 inches with areas north and west getting 10-18 inch accumulations by Wednesday morning.

  1. I’d invite you to my house, but on top of the fact that I am in the middle of packing and have boxes everywhere, Houston is slated for a cold snap (brrrr a low of 26 – I may even use my heated seats!).

    Stay warm and stay inside.

  2. TexNYQueen, I don’t have heated seats, I’m 100% sure my next car will. I was watching the news, I heard that you’ve got snow coming in HOUSTON! Stay warm lady….

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