Well they said the St. Louis blizzard would be epic and historic.  Everyone was freaking out buying groceries and rock salt.  It kinda just looks like snow to me….  My job at the law firm never closes.  However, after I spent half an hour scraping ice off my windows on my car and was just 1 exit away from the firm, one my lawyers called and said the firm was closed for the first time ever!  I guess it was an epic and historic day after all.   I went back home and made some Mexican Lasagna (I’ll post the recipe later) and played with Nyah.  There’s a whopping 2 inches of snow outside my door, and I just got an email that work is back to usual tomorrow.  I just wanted to let you guys know I survived the very boring storm of the century.

  1. Carli, just wanted to tell you Friday will be my W1D3 of the C25K challenge. i was excited about downloading your music on my MP4 and it seems to work good. I’m like 60 pounds overweight and right now it’s a battle for me so listening and reading about loosing weight, eating right, etc. really inspires me. Glad I found out about you web site. Enjoy the cold snow. I’m not bragging but it’s 70 degree here in Florida! Got to love Florida. One of the only states on the radar not in this snowing mess. Take care.

  2. Cherie, I must admit it seems like bragging. LOL! It’s freezing here, supposed to be in the negatives tonight. I hope you enjoy running outside in the warm temperature. See you soon on my wall of fame!

  3. lol. well i prefer the treadmill at my gym. the pavement is so rough but i don’t mind it occasionally:)
    I always get this fear I’m gonna fall off the treadmill if i run to fast. ha ha
    This morning while at the gym, after my jog/walk I went to do abs on the big balancing ball. well the ball was low on air and i landed right on the floor, i was laughing so hard. omg. luckily the gym wasn’t that crowded and i didn’t see anyone see me. I was quite distracted about a guy who looked so cute there. so i guess it could of been prevented if my mind wasn’t wondering…..but how embarassing!

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