Well technically, I’m Racing for a Cure for Cancer with the LLS Team in Training.  (This is your last chance to donate!) But Saturday, I felt like I was racing for a Coach bag.  My Shopping cousin called me earlier in the week and said she wanted to take our infamous trip to the Coach Purse outlet store.  I explained to her that I was “ballin’ on a budget” which is ghetto talk for “I like nice things but I’m broke.”  She said she would buy me a Coach purse if I took the nearly 6 hour drive round trip to Illinois with her.  It only took me about 2 seconds to say yes. She is apparently “ballin’ outta control” which is ghetto talk for “she likes nice things, AND has a lot of money” LOL!   It was a shopaholic’s dream.  I overslept (kinda intentionally) and didn’t get out to pick up my little sister until almost 10 am.  The training schedule called for 8 miles, and I knew I didn’t have time for all of that with a mini road trip ahead of me.  So we decided to walk the loop around Forest Park.  I remember when it was a dream of mine to be able to walk around the entire park.  I wondered what kind of people can do that sort of thing?  6 Miles?  Just Because?  Now, I’m one of those weird people…go figure. 

My little sister was trying to be cute with shoes to match her outfit. That turned out pretty disastrously.  Her foot started to hurt and swell.  She had to take the shoes off and walk barefoot for the last 2 or 3 miles.  She was jumping over rain puddles and stuff.  I felt so sorry for her.  I told her to wait until I got back to the car, but she said she didn’t want to wait that long and she didn’t want to leave me.  I told her I wish I was like Sam from The Lord of the Rings who told Frodo he would carry him since he couldn’t carry his burdens for him.  But….I can barely carry me for 6 miles.  We took a couple breaks, as I was trying to be patient when I really wanted to hurry and get to my new purse.  Finally, after walking around the entire park, we finished up 6.23 miles.  My Shopping Cousin text me and told me to hurry, but also not to forget to take a shower since we were going to be stuck in the car together for hours.  I took a quick shower and walked down the street to her house.  I wanted to drive down there so badly.  But I couldn’t be lazy after walking nearly 6 and half miles.   

Her house is so beautiful inside.  Whenever I get my “real house” I want her to decorate.  When you walk into her living room, you forget that we live in the hood.  And it’s always clean…always.  I don’t know how she does it.  Anyway, we had a blast on our road tirp!  Tons of juicy girl talk, a failed attempt at winning the lottery in Podunk Illnois, and sharing pure shopaholic excitement.  This time however I brought my buddy TomTom to make sure we didn’t get lost.  When we got there I found a beautiful shiny golden bag that called my name.  It was too cute!  Then I went to Old Navy and found some skinny jeans for like $6.  Then I went to the bargain book store and got a $4 book about successful African-American Fiction writers and another $5 novel for my Best Friend.  I want to write a novel one day, but I don’t necessarily want the “African-American Fiction Writer” stamp.  Like, why can’t I just be a writer???  Anyway, we had too much fun!  Thanks Shopping Cousin for making my day!

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