This morning when I woke up, my nose was a little stuffy.  Everyone at the office was coughing and sneezing all week, I hate being around sick people, because you know you’ll be next.  Anyway, I planned to walk about 7 miles today for training, but my body was still aching from basically over doing it during the week.  I figured I would at least try to walk a few miles; that was until my shop-aholic cousin called, and asked me to take a spontaneous road trip to the Coach outlet store.  I reluctantly agreed to go with her.   By the time she picked me up, we were both so excited, that we left with no map, no GPS Navigation System, no nothing, just shoppers ambition to conquer discounted coach purses and accessories.   After about 2 hours of driving, we realized that we hadn’t come across the second highway that was supposed to take us there.  We didn’t even know what city we were in.  We decided to pull over and ask someone at a gas station.  We discovered that we made our way to Springfield, Illinois.   The cashiers were clueless and had no idea where the outlet mall was.  Thank God, my Daddy taught me how to read a map.  My cousin and I took the map to the back of the store to spread it out and see it better.  The cashier followed and watched us as if we were going to steal it. (Unfortunately, when it happens to you enough in your life, you catch on to judgmental people and their sterotypes of you.)  I almost acted ugly and told her that I would buy every map in the store before I stole a little $2 map of Illinois.  She made me not want to buy a map at all.  Anyway, we found Tuscola on the map, and figured out which highway we needed to take to get there.  Eventually a local guy was able to point us in the right direction.  After about 3 and half hours, we finally made it to our destination.  There was the Coach Outlet store and all of her splendor!  (Yes, I am a real shop-aholic.)  They had so many wonderful purses to choose from, and there was a 30% off coupon in addition to the already discounted prices.  I got the cutest hot pink purse.  My cousin also found great deals on the things that she was looking for.  We had a fun time doing something wild and crazy.  When we got back 2 and a half hours later, my Dad asked, well was it worth it?!  My answer was of course!  …I’m going to try to walk tomorrow; I needed a day off, or was this just an excuse to go shopping…I’ll never tell 🙂

  1. Enjoy your Raspberry Hayley!!

    • Ahhh! Another real shop-aholic! You should’ve gone with us, I was like a kid in the candy store 🙂

  2. Love the purse, Not big on shopping but it seems like you had a GREAT time!!!

  3. How much was the purse

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