If you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering, what is Greek Yogurt? How does it taste? Is it any different than regular yogurt? What’s all the buzz about? Greek yogurt is the hottest new health food trend.  Primarily, because of the great health benefits including probiotics and a high protein count.  Greek yogurt is a dairy food that has been filtered out to remove the whey, which gives it a consistency between regular yogurt and cheese.   I recently bought some to try it out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the nutrition facts. Cal: 140, Fat: 0, Sodium: 50mg, Potassium: 150mg, Carb: 20g, Fiber: 0, Protein: 14g.
 However, I was not happy with the taste…it was…GROSS!  Yuck, it had the consitency of full fat sour cream, and tasted like sour cream mixed with fruit.  I do realize that I can be a picky eater when it comes to food texture. So, please try it for yourself.  Maybe I’m just weird. Does anyone actually like it? Let me know.

  1. I have tried it, I liked it. I’ve had the honey and the vanilla from Kroger. It was very thick and a little grainy, takes some getting used too for sure!

  2. One word: Chobani That is the BEST Greek yogurt. Of course certain flavors are hard to find in some areas. I LOVE the black cherry Chobani and I can only buy it at one local store, so when they have it in stock I buy it all…the most I was able to buy in one shot was 8. Their other flavors are good, as well, like blueberry and the peach is yummy, especially after adding some fresh peaches. This morning I tried Dannon Oikos black cherry and it was very good, much like Chobani but not quite as good. The key is to scoop it out into a small bowl and stir well until it is all mixed up and creamy. I have to say I just love it!

  3. I started eating greek yogurt about a a year ago, at first I only liked the vanilla flavor. But, then because I love candy and baked goods so much, I decided that I need to lower my sugar consumption in other ways, so I switched to plain nonfat greek yogurt. It doesn’t taste good by itself, but I eat it with berries and granola and mix it really well, so that I never get just the taste of plain yogurt in my mouth. I agree, the consistency of it was really off putting at first.

  4. Chobani is wonderful! Pineapple and Black Cherry are my favorites or mixing honey and cinnamon into the plain. I eat it almost everyday for breakfast or lunch. YUM!

  5. Carli, I had the same reaction to the taste. I purchased it because I heard it had a thicker consistency. I did like the feel but the flavor was not all that. I had the honey vanilla. Needless to say I decided it just wasn’t for me. I did however figure out a way to get the flavor of the regular yogurt but the consistency of the greek. I lined a strainer with a coffee filter and let the yogurt drain. It comes out much thicker but has the flavor that i’m use to. That and it is definitely much cheaper!

  6. I adore Fage greek yogurt, don’t know if you can find that brand where you live! They sell these little tubs that have the yogurt on one side, and honey on the other, and you mix it together. Soo yummy. It is thick, but I find the texture of that brand to be nice and smooth, rather than grainy.

  7. I hate it, it has an awful taste!

  8. Hi Carli, I just wanted to let you know that I finished week 1 today with your podcast and I ADORE you for making these! I can hardly run 3 feet without distractions, but with your fun music and encouraging voice I found the workouts a breeze. I am brand new not only to running but also to podcasts and mp3 players, so I consider this week quite an achievement! By the way, I’m in Italy, probably not too many here know about Carli but I will pass on the word if I can. You could have an international following any time now.

    Oh, and I love Greek yogurt!

  9. Oops, I see you already have a strong international following, and rightly so! Looking forward to your company in week 2.

  10. Carli,
    I love Chobani Greek yogurt and eat it almost every day. During the summer we’ve had the Vanilla with strawberries, blueberries and low fat granola every day for breakfast. It was a little different at first but now I can’t eat the regular yogurt-it’s too watery! I also have found the Greek yogurt to be really filling and satisfying for breakfast or a snack.

  11. It truly depends on the brand…Trader Joe’s brand is delicious, Chobani is AWESOME, and Fage with honey is straight heaven. I stay away from Dannon and Yoplait (yucky!!!!).

    Give a different brand a try, I promise you will be hooked.

  12. Jen, Grainy??? Yikes! lol

  13. Lavendar, its seems like your’re right Chobani is the winner! I can’t remember what kind I bought, something that started with an “N” …I cropped out the name, b/c I didn’t want to give them Free advertising, especially since I didn’t like it. I’m going to try again, and hopefully, I’ll have better luck.

  14. Aubree, I think I will try the brands that people suggested, and I’ll probably need to add granola. Now, that you mention it, it took me a while to get used to regular yogurt consistency, I wouldn’t even think about eating it without granola. But, now, I eat yogurt all the time (no granola).

  15. Maggie, I love pineapple everything…probably my fav fruit. Honey and cinnamon sounds delicious!

  16. DD, way to improvise! From what I read, that’s pretty much how they make it.

  17. LOL Linda, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that thought it was disgusting. Maybe you can try some other brands and suggestions others made. I’m excited about trying honey vanilla.

  18. Yes, Ms. Jessica, I’m International Baby! I get excited every time I hear that I’ve help someone on the other side of the world begin their fitness journey. What an honor. Good Luck!

  19. Tex, I trust ya. If I can’t find the other brands, I’ll go to Trader Joe’s, you really can’t miss there, all of their food is great.

  20. I don’t like regular yogurt either. I found one brand with honey was tasty. It had a little dollop of honey in the middle of the yogurt, so you had to stir it in. But I still could only eat about half the container. I have discovered Pinkberry – frozen yogurt with live cultures, which is awesome! Maybe I can work my way up to the non-frozen style someday.

  21. Chobani is my favorite. I just stocked up to. Mango,Pineapple and peach. I am trying strawberry and banana for the first time.

  22. I love Greek yogurt! Try adding some honey and a few drops of pure vanilla extract next time if you don’t like the plain flavor!

  23. I know this is a few days late but I had to throw my two cents in! It took me a little while to get used to the greek yogurt but now I much prefer it–here’s a way to get around the texture. If you use it in a smoothie you get a delicious creamy texture, tons of protein, and it dials down the tanginess. I like the chobani and fage but for a Greek yogurt skeptic, you MUST try Cabot low fat (not “no fat”) vanilla bean greek yogurt, It is all natural and the texture and real vanilla flavor can’t be beat. I like to eat it with fruit alone but I usually mix a 4 oz portion with a half of a frozen banana, 1/2 cup pineapple juice (or carrot juice) + 1/2 c of seasonal fresh fruit for my breakfast.

  24. I love it, but brand and flavor make or break it. Chobani is good. I thought honey flavor was disgusting, but the lemon, pomegranate, and blueberry are good. Lemon is my favorite. Mango isn’t bad either. Do not care for pineapple in any yogurt, seems like it makes it more sour. I like the texture because it tricks me into thinking I am getting some nice rich fatty food! Sticks with you longer because of the protein. I can’t eat much sugar in the morning, so only stir up a small amount of the fruit stuff.

  25. I agree. I do not like the taste of greek yogurt. However, my weight loss doctor suggested I use greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it works great. You can not tell the difference at all. SO.. I keep a very small cup of plain greek yogurt in my fridge for whenever I would typically use sour cream!

  26. Hi Carli,

    I am just starting your running podcasts. I am not overweight but I have a hole in my heart so my MD told me to start slow and he was ok with your routine when I told him… SO Thanks. Congratulations on all your progress! As far as the yogurt, I get the Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt and add a single serving size of Truvia. It takes away the bitter taste and makes it a little sweet. I also have used flavored stevia to make it chocolate and orange sicle flavoredThe orange was good. I was not crazy about the chocolate personally. Anyway thought these suggestions may help!

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