I had such a fun-filled weekend.  Friday night was game 7 of the World Series in Major League Baseball.  St. Louis was on fire!  I was sitting at home alone watching the game before called my Big Little Sister and suggested that we go somewhere and watch it together.  We went downtown to the Casino and watched the game on the giant projector screen.  It was so much fun!  After the Cardinals won, there were tons of hugs and high fives from whatever stranger was closest to you.  It was crazy wild energy.  We waited around for about an hour, thinking that traffic had died down.  We were wrong!  Traffic was still bumper to bumper and Cards fans were everywhere.  They were drinking, celebrating and dancing in the street.   My sister is a bit more adventurous than me and she drove right towards the stadium into the madness.  We held our arms out the windows into the cool October night air and slapped high-fives to everyone that walked through the traffic.  We had a blast. 
The next morning, my Mom and I went to the Farmers market.  She got 8 crates of strawberries for $5.  Sometimes you pay almost $4 just for one at the grocery store.  I bought some new spices like Lime Chipotle and re-stocked my favorite one “Soulard Grill” which tastes good in everything.  My Special Friend was “Busy” and didn’t want to “commit then cancel”  hmmmm…So, that  evening I went to the movies with two of my good friends from high school.  We saw Paranormal Activity 3.  I love scary movies, and it definitely had some cringe worthy parts.  But it wasn’t as good as the 1st one.  I came home and fell asleep watching “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz.  I’m such a movie fanatic.  I thought about writing a blog for movie reviews, since I usually watch at least 5 movies each week, but when would I find time to do that? 
Sunday, I finally made time for the gym.  Barely.  My little Sister and I chatted it up for a half an hour on the elliptical machine, before heading to Wal-Mart.  Silly me I decided to wait until the day before Halloween to get a costume. There was nothing left at Wal-Mart, so we headed to Target.  The only thing left was a horrible bloody arm and a Monopoly board game costume.  Then I saw it!  One glittery white glove, sent down from the costume gods.  It wasn’t even in the original packaging.  I took it to the register and gave the checkout boy a “don’t mess with me look” as I handed him a pack of lace costume gloves to scan in exchange for my unwrapped MJ glove.  He obliged, even though my sister said I was holding up the line.  I ransacked my closet at home and pulled off a pretty Smooth Criminal  look if you ask me.  My “Brother from another Mother” joined me at my friend’s Halloween party about 2 hours later.  We had a good time.  I could have eaten a little better, drank a little less and worked out a little more, but I still had quite a fun weekend.

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