Last night I was gliding down the river in a float boat and attempted to jump over a boulder but came crashing down hard on my knee.  Of course all of this happened right in my living room while playing the X-Box sensor motion detector game called Kinect.  I’ve played it nearly every night, in addition to my half-marathon training.  I was pouring sweat while tackling my newest unlocked Adventure and trying to beat the clock.  I figured since I jumped high enough to grab the tokens in the clouds, certainly I could stop running into the blocks, and just jump over them.  Well, I was wrong.  After a fun-filled hour of plugging imaginary leaks and serving make-believe dodge balls, my body was tired and my bum knee gave out on me.  On my fall down to the floor, my flailing arms managed to score more tokens and win me a silver medal to progress to the next round.  I hobbled into bed, in pain, but ironically excited that I beat the time clock.  I slept in a knee brace, but this morning it still hurt pretty bad.   Nyah couldn’t figure out why I was moving so slowly when it was obvious that she had to potty.  I considered calling off work, but I knew with all the trial preparation, that was not an option.  Most of my co-workers got a little laugh when I explained my river rafting injury.  I had to laugh at myself.  Then, when I told my Lawyer Lady that I took an 800 mg Ibuprofen to help numb the pain, she said, “oh good, I hope you brought more, I’ll check and make sure you’re not asleep at your desk.”  I’ve worked at law firms long enough to know that my little limp would not stop the trial process.   Hopefully, I’ll heal up in a couple days, and get back to training, and of course my next Kinect Adventures!

  1. Hoping you heal fast…I need to know how far you get on the river!

  2. Thanks Girlie! So, I told my friend (Former “Special friend”), and he said “All gave some, but some gave all” you gave your knee and all they gave you was a silver medal. I was dying laughing!!! I guess I get a “A” for effort.

  3. I’m so very jealous! I want one so bad. The game system…not the rafting injury. I’m working hard to justify purchasing. I’m stuck between that and a Kindle Fire. Decisions, decisions…

    I do hope you heal up well enough to have another in house adventure. Lol. Oh and a ‘hell yeah’ on the half marathon training. I’ve committed to doing the 1/2 marathon training schedule at my job. I figure if other people in the office can do it, so can I. Of course you are my inspiration. So a big thanks to you my blog friend. Get well soon!

  4. Hey DD! I’m LOL @ the “rafting injury” and “Hell yeah.” I’m such an electronic junkie. I want the Kindle Fire too. I picked the Kinect because I have a Kindle I bought a few months ago that already looks ancient compared to the new Kindle Fire. I love it too, and use it almost daily. I listen to the audiobooks while I’m at work. I find old stuff to sell on craigslist to justify my new purchases…. You can do a half marathon, like I always say, if I did it, anybody can!

  5. When I saw the title of your post I wondered where it was warm enough to raft in November! I get it now :). That sounds like fun. Hope your knee is feeling better.

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