On Sunday, my Little Sister told me her and Mama were going to dinner.  I self-invited.  Much to my horror, I discovered we were going to a buffet.  I said why don’t we try the Asian restaurant instead?  Nope, everybody wanted the free buffet with the coupon.  I kind of freaked out.  I text my Special Friend telling him I was scared.  He likes to eat too; he understood and said he was scared for me.  When the hostess asked what I wanted to drink I just said diet soda.  Even though I don’t drink soda, I was just thinking about not drinking my calories/points.  My mom ordered unsweetened tea, I always forget about tea.  I ordered a tea as well and sweetened it with Splenda.  I had a light breakfast that morning and 20 bonus points left in the week.  I couldn’t do too much damage? Right?

 I got little bits of everything but mostly meat and veggies.  I ate a few spoonful’s of each dish and then scraped it all into one plate.  I actually did it, I wasn’t stuffed to the point of being miserable and ate proportionately.  But, it’s still hard for me to waste food.  I grew up in the clean plate club.  You couldn’t get up until you ate all of your food.  Still to this day, I rarely leave anything on my plate unless I just didn’t like the way it tasted.  But that day, I threw away good tasting food.  It feels so wasteful, it’s probably people starving blocks away, and we pick over it and throw it in the trash.

 Anyway, it was time for dessert.  I figured my “get everything and eat a few bites” philosophy worked well with dinner, it should also work with desserts.  WRONG!  I got apple cheesecake, strawberry short cake, and 2 flavors of gelato Italian ice cream.  It was all displayed so beautifully and tasted just as good as it looked.  I started with a few bites but ultimately ate ALL of it.  Me and my sister felt like pigs afterward.  Lesson learned, if I have to get a dessert, just get one.  After dinner we went home and worked out, hoping to balance things out.  I’d probably have to work out for 8 hours to burn off all of that food. 

The next day was my Weight watcher weigh-in.  I took off my heavy sweater and exchanged it for the thinnest t-shirt I could find.  This was the first time I was actually nervous about the scale, even though the whole week was great prior to the buffet.  On Saturday, my scale at home said I’d lost 3 pounds.  I stepped up at the meeting and lost .8 (eight tenths) of a pound.  I almost felt bad for a minute, knowing that I had really done much better before the buffet debacle.  But then I realized that’s almost a whole pound and I’ve consistently lost weight for 4 weeks.  I literally haven’t done that in years.  I lost 8.4 pound in January, and I’m no longer bursting out of my pants.  They actually fasten now.  That’s what I call success and a lesson learned.

  1. Awesome Carli!!! That IS great success!!! That was very brave of you to actually go to a buffet!! I would not have been able to do it. I turn my mom down to go eat out all the time. She is a really bad influence….I actually think the devil inhabits her body when we have to eat together!!! I have been doing weight watchers for a year and 4 months…it has been a back and forth battle. This week I actually got back down to my lowest weight since my WW journey began and I am pushing through this week to break the self sabatage I seem to develope when I reach a new goal!! Each week I would like to say “I am at a new low!” even if it’s only -.2!!! On another note…I lost .8 this week too and in January I have lost 6.4 lbs total!! And I started week 3 of the couch to 5k and today I am signing up for my very first 5k that’s on May 12!!

  2. Hey lady, 0.8 lb down is still down. As Kirra said even if it is only 0.2 down its still going in the right direction. Way to go to both you and Kirra and everyone else who hit the minus number. Mine went up 0.6 this week, I spent Sunday with my 2 godsons. Not doing that again for a while. lol Keep up the great work and we will ALL get there at some point!

    Congrats to you Kirra for taking the set to sign up for the 5K. Best wishes coming your way!

  3. That’s the attitude! We all have sinful days, but you were (are) aware of it and you just have to focus on the big picture! Way to go!!

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