Last week I felt like giving up on trying to lose weight.  I’ll never be thin, I told myself. It’s impossible, I have too much to lose.  I always try and I always fail.  I missed a WW meeting, I’m doomed. Who am I to have a website about running? I can’t run anymore I’m too fat. Pretty soon, people will start to think I’m a fraud.  So, ironically, I logged on to and read my old posts for inspiration, which is something I rarely do.  I wanted to see what all the other people see.  I was actually surprised.  None of these feelings or struggles were new to me.   And many of them actually have solutions!  After reading my blog, I feel like I got bit by the running bug and I reminded myself of 5 important lessons that I learned overtime but somehow managed to forget.
  1. Soda pop aka Liquid Satan is bad! (see the video) I’ve drastically limited my soda intake for the past few years, only having it on rare occasions.  But, at my new job, they have free cans of soda in the fridge.  What could one soda at lunch hurt? It’s okay to have a caffeine pick me up during the 3 o’clock slump right? I’m not addicted, I just like it right? WRONG! It does hurt my body, my face started to break out and my knees started back hurting.  And, yes I did get re-addicted to caffeine. But, the lesson I forgot is that I can break the caffeine soda addiction.  It might be an uncomfortable addiction to break, and it will take a few weeks, but it’s possible. I will cut out soda again.
  2. Cookies are bad for me.  I have no control over them. I can never eat just a small amount, I will always want more. There is no other food that causes me to eat so insanely, during and after the sugar rush.  But, the lesson I forgot, is that God helps with even the smallest prayers, like “God help me be strong and eliminate cookies from my diet.” I am strong enough to say NO to free cookies, and I’m strong enough to throw them away. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.
  3. Years ago, I lost 50 pound in 6 months with the Weight  Watchers program.  Track your food, go to meetings, and get active. It’s not rocket science The lesson I forgot is that, If I’ve done it before, I can do that again too.
    4. Running while being overweight is hard, and it forces you to dig deep and discover a strength that you didn’t know you had.  I’m a big girl, and that didn’t stop me from running several 5K’s and it didn’t stop me from walking 13 miles under the blazing sun. The Lesson I forgot is,  like my fellow juicy girl Tammy says, I might be slow, but I can run races just like everybody else.

    5. The last lesson I forgot is that sometimes looking back at your own past success can be more inspiring than anything else.
  1. I did not want to go to WW this week but knew I NEEDED to go. I knew I had gained weight (my kitchen is in the midst of a complete redo) and we have to eat out every dinner since I don’t have a sink/dishwasher or countertops. Eating out is so hard to do and keep those points under control. I gained .6 and vowed I would get it off this week. Still having to eat out but I am going to walk every day. It is hard with all of the other things going on in my life but I CAN DO IT. I gave up all soda 3 weeks ago and the first week I gave it up ( diet caffine free coke) I lost 2.4 pounds at WW. This past weekend I wanted a diet caffine free coke (I still have 3 in the frig) so bad–I went to get just a sip but knew it would send me over the edge so I closed the frig and walked away. I was really bummed out on Monday as our team did not earn a place in the 10K on July 4th in ATL–it was by a lottery. We are going to find something else to do and shoot for the race in 2013. Thanks for this blog–it keeps me focused. You don’t know how many people you do touch & inspire. You have not gotten me inspired to walk a half yet and I am not sure that will ever be on my bucket list. LOL

  2. I totally know what you mean about cookies! Great post. It is a good reminder to stay focused and accept setbacks with grace. You are a success.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I was sick and then got lazy (work and life events were taking over) and there I was eating licorice (which is a trigger food for me like cookies for you) and Oreos after dinner. I had to re-train my brain to snap back into action.

    It’s so easy to give up and so much harder to keep pushing. But the rewards are so much better!

  4. From me to you Carli, thank you!!!! Im running my first 5k race tomorrow. Im so nervous and excited and I wouldnt have done it as easily without your podcasts. I loved hearing your voice over the music telling me to push or im halfway there, it sounds so much better with your accent than the Australian drawl lol. So thank you!!!! Ive also lost 64.9 pounds – that comes down to making decisions every day – am I going to have a burger and chips for dinner or tuna and rice, am I going to eat a meat pie for lunch or a salad roll. See I figured that time is going to keep ticking over, so I could either say to myself that its too hard or I could make better choices and as time ticks over it will happen and it has. Its our choices that decide if we are fat or fit – our choices only!!! Its not genes or will power or a slow metabolism or any other excuse. The difference between fat or fit is our choices – what we put in our mouth and what exercise we do. I get up at 4:50am six days a week.I am a single mum of 2 teenage girls,I work full time and I am studying part for my psychology degree. I get up at 4.50 in the morning because I cant fit running in of an afternoon. I rin for 60 minutes and If its raining I do a step aerobics video and a kick boxing video. I make choices to eat healthy food rather than junk and to get up when my alarm goes off, even if it is at stupid oclock. So Carli, my friend, make yourself stronger than your excuses – you taught me to do that xxx

  5. Jenni…what a beautiful post…

    Miss Carli…. you can do this. We love you, you know. xoxo

  6. Diane, I didn’t realize it was just 3 weeks ago that you gave up soda. So you definitley remember the process, I see that you can totally relate. I’m sure you can find another 10K in your area, I can’t remember where you live…I’ve got runners in various states and countries. I’m so glad that my journey inspires you. You can add the half marathon to your bucket list! It’s something you’ll never forget.

  7. Aubree, sometimes I feel like I have so many setbacks, like why can’t I just workout 6 days a week and eat fish and veggies everyday and lose 100 pounds? Then I pull back and realize take baby steps forward instead of backward. My knees have stopped hurting as much already from cutting out the soda. Any progress is progress.

  8. Melissa, my little sister’s trigger food is licorice. I’ve never been a big fan, i might eat it once a year…but at least you know what it is and what it does to you. I love your quote at the end. It’s hard to keep pushing, but the rewards are so much better!!! thanks for that

  9. Awww Jenni! I got your wall of fame email. I’ll add your picture soon. WAY TO GO! Welcome to the 5k club. It’s so funny that you like my “American accent” lol. I like the Australian accent. My sis even has her car navigation system set to the Australian announcer b/c we think it sounds cool LOL. That’s an amazing amount of weight that you lost. But please tell me what is a “Meat pie???” …on Sunday at church the preacher talked about “Choices.” The way we live our life is up to us, we make the choice every day. THANK you for this comment. You are right. I have to be stronger than my excuses, even if it means I have to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to fit it in.

  10. Hey Mama Helen, wasn’t that a great comment from Jenni, how inspiring!! I love ya back! 🙂 and appreciate your continued support!

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