I thought that my sisters move away from St. Louis (one in Florida and one in Kansas City) would be extremely difficult since we share such a close bond. But, with modern technology it’s surprisingly not so bad. Most nights, I talk to my Big Little Sister and compete with her to solve the puzzle first Wheel of Fortune, and I Skype with my Little Sister as we watch our favorite show together on Thursday.

But, one thing I didn’t know was that little sisters can still be annoying even if they’re in another city. My Little Sister called and text me all day long. Did you track your food yet? Are you going to the gym? Did you count how much water you drank today? Why haven’t you logged in to My Fitness Pal? Are you at the gym yet? What do you mean you only do 30 minutes? Can’t you work out for a full hour? Can you send me a pic of the machine when you finish so I can see how many calories you burned? Aren’t we doing this together?




>Whew, she bugged the pee out of me today! But you know what, I’m glad that she did. Because of her persistence I tracked my food all day while I was at work. After work, I went to the YMCA, because I wanted to run on the track instead of the treadmill at the other gym. I finally completed all eight interval runs in Week 1. It might have taken me a week and a half, to catch up, but I did it. I’ll probably do Week 1 for one more day, and then move on to Week 2. It’s not a race, until race day. It’s better to feel proficient about running Week 1 and then move on, rather than worry about what Week I “should” be running. After my run around the track, I stretched and sat down to catch my breath and hydrate before I went down to the workout machine room. No sexy men here to look at like there are at Club Fitness, but there also was no crowd and no wait for a machine either. There were just a couple of ladies walking on the treadmill. Who ever thought that I would have two gym memberships? …I got on the elliptical and watched the end of Bones as I pedaled for half an hour. I was glad to report to my sister, that Yes I did track my food on Calorie Count, yes I did drink 10 cups of water today, yes I did go to the gym and yes I did do more than half an hour, so take that little sister! Thanks, for cheering me on this journey.


  1. Now THAT’S an accountability partner!

  2. GIRL, she was worrying me! Don’t think I haven’t already text her asking, what did YOU eat today lol

  3. NEVER FORGET THE MOTTO: WE ARE NOT GETTING SKINNY WITHOUT EACH OTHER. Our weight loss is a journey we take together. What kind of partner would I be if I left you? Encouraging you helps me stay on track. I love you sister! P.S. I’m at the gym where are you?

  4. LOL! Girl I’m at work!! But clearly I’ll be at the gym tonight.

  5. I don’t have a little sister, but I did just get an accountability partner for my business. In looking for other posts about these partners, I see I can use one for my daily schedule, my writing, and now my fitness. It helps that we used to be athletes when we were younger. Thanks for the post!

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