Since this is a fitness and weight loss blog, I’ll start off with that. So far since January 1st , I’ve lost 8.3 pounds! I wish I had a magic and more exciting answer as to how, but it’s kinda boring. I’ve been weighing in on Wednesdays, eating little to no sugar, whole grain carbs and spending a little time at the gym. The fewer carbs and sugar I consume, the less I crave it….The tortilla chips at the Mexican Restaurant tripped me up at lunch today, but I’m good. I’m committed to staying on track, desperately trying to avoid the “Well I ate chips, I might as well eat ice cream” pitfall.

Niece at the airport

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my Big Little Sister and my niece, my hunny bunny, my favorite little girl in the world, moved to Florida. You read it right, Freaking Florida! If you don’t know, I live in St. Louis, MO which is approximately 995.7 miles from there. That’s 14 hour drive or a $400 plane ticket away. I was really quite upset about it, which is why I hadn’t blogged about it yet. I didn’t even help my sister pack to show my discontent. I came up with all kinds of blog post titles like, “She Took My Baby!” and “Screw You for Leaving!” To say I didn’t want them to leave is an understatement. Obviously, I’m still a little upset. Everybody knows I’m crazy about my niece and super close to my sisters. My sister’s reason for moving was for my niece’s health. She was born at 1 pound 6oz and has severe allergies and asthma. She hopes the climate change will help her breathe easier. I must admit St. Louis’ moody weather is brutal. We can go from heat to AC in one day, which is rough for her and leads to frequent ER visits.

At the airport

The good news is, my sister gets to start over (post-divorce) and she’s happy. My niece’s favorite new word is “Skype.” She wants to Skype (free internet video call) EVERYbody back home. She often asks about my dog Nyah. Silly me, I just found out that I could download a Skype app on my iPhone, I don’t have to be in front of the computer to chat with her.

Another good thing is that my niece got to see the beach and the ocean for the first time. As she looked around and saw that the water had no recognizable start or stopping point, she asked her Mom where does it come from? “God made it,” my sister told her. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “God made it?!” Then she said “this isn’t a swimming pool” and asked how they let the water out. When my sister told her that you can’t let the water out, it’s just here. Her 4-year-old brain was a little stumped and amazed after that.

20130118-103231.jpg 20130118-103219.jpg

The other good thing is y’all know I love to travel. I’m going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans next month. I was supposed to go to visit my other sister while she was away at college there. But, she already transferred back to Missouri because she hated being so far away from us. So now she’ll be in college in Kansas City(about 4 hours away.) So you know I’m going there soon too. And of course, now I get to go to the beach in Florida. I’ve already bought a plane ticket. They had round trip tickets on sale for $150 on Travelzoo. I’m super excited already.

No change is easy, and I already miss my baby like crazy…Oh yeah I miss my sister too. But, like the minister said at church yesterday, we can’t grow without change, so you might as well embrace it.





  1. Wait…what part of FL? Orlando or close to it? Just think, Tinkerbell Half or Disney Half and if it’s Miami – there’s the ING Miami Half.

    I know..all I can think about these days are races.

    Good luck to your sister and like you said it’s her chance to start fresh – just like you are doing.

    Woo hoo on the 8.5 lbs kissed goodbye!

  2. Hey LaShaue! She moved near Daytona, it’s about an hour from Orlando. I hadn’t even thought about out of town races, that could be fun!

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