Today’s personal training session was all about weightlifting. I had to do many different variations of squats with kettle bell weights in front of me and others squats with the weight bar across the back of my shoulders. I had to climb up and down the step, you know the step I’m talking about.  The step they use in step aerobics class, except, I also had a dumbbell in each hand. And, he had the step raised up on risers so that it was nearly a foot and a half off the ground. I was tired and we were just getting started.

After wiping the sweat away from the extensive step series I had to get down in the push-up plank position and alternate lifting dumbbells while still holding the plank position. Dan said it looked “too easy” so he went and got me bigger dumbbells. *Sigh* I can’t win with him.  Then we went over to the weight room. He had me bench pressing. I forgot to ask how much weight it was, but all I knew was that every time I took a break he added more because it “didn’t look hard enough.” I had lifted so many weights that my hands are starting to hurt a little. I asked him if I should get gloves, he said that I could, but that sometimes it makes it a little harder to grip the bar. I have no desire to have gruff callous man hands so, I got a pair from Sports Authority.  They were $38!  Then I went to Wal-Mart and saw a similar pair for only $8.  I promptly took back the more expensive pair.  Dan told me the expensive pair will get holes in them just like the Wal-Mart ones.


When I finished with the free weights, he pulled out the floor mat and I had to do core exercises. No matter how he mixes up our workouts, core training is always a primary focus.  I had to get down on all fours, on my hands and knees. Then I had to balance on my right knee and left hand, while sticking my left leg and right arm straight out. Then I had to hold for that position for 30 seconds and alternate from side to side. We did a little bit of cardio boxing and finally we were finished. In addition to telling me that I make the funniest faces out of all of his clients, he also told me that I will have to get some new clothes soon. My body is toning and changing fast. I’m so glad that I’m at a point that I’m not mentally as connected to all the physical aspects of my body, because it seems like it’s changing almost daily.  It’s almost weird at times. The other day at work I had on a sleeveless shirt and I moved my arm and I thought “Whoa, what was that?!” It was a bicep muscle I saw moving. Oh, that’s new…LOL.


  1. Yay for surprise muscles! Though I don’t personally know you, I’m so proud of your glove wearing, planking holding, still rockin’ the fierce nails tough girl self! You are still inspiring me (and my sister) to keep going strong. Thanks!

    • DD! I miss my sisters since they’re both out of town, but I have you ladies my online sistas supporting me too! Thanks for sticking in there with me.

  2. I have those same gloves…total life saver. You can rub your hands with raw sugar and olive oil post workouts/shower to keep the calluses at bay!

    • LaShaune, my hands are cool, I think I caught it just in time, now my heels on my feet….thats a different story! I will have to try that. Natural and cheap, I love it!

  3. I’m loving the weight lifting gloves, I usually use bare hands, but I want to the gloves.

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