Bon voyage! I’m headed to Paris

Happy Labor Day my fiercelings! I went to hot yoga today. Its 90° outside, fortunately the yoga teacher only cranked the room up to 100°F instead of 105°. I was dripping sweat within the first five minutes. And would you believe that a guy who looked like Michael Ealy set his mat right next to mine?!
I literally could not concentrate for the first half an hour. I thought maybe he wouldn’t 

see me looking at him and then I remembered there’s a mirror, so I’m sure he did. I tried to focus, but it seemed like I kept sweating more. I was nearly a puddle of melted chocolate before I was finally able to sink deeper into my own practice. I was proud that I held a couple of the one leg balance poses for the entire count. I’m getting stronger. It felt good to be active on a holiday.

   But in other exciting news I’m headed to Paris France and Prague! Most people ask me where is Prague? It’s in the Czech Republic if you were wondering, we will take a short flight there from Paris. It’s my first time in Europe. I am so freaking excited Paris has been on my bucket list for years! When I get to Wi-Fi I’m sure I will post some pictures for you guys on my Facebook page. Have a great week, do some fun activity, and feed your body good foods! Au revoir! 

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