Silver Tip Gel Nails Are you a nail biter? Unfortunately I am. But you probably didn’t know I am because I wear acrylic nails 99% of the time. But my dirty little secret is that, although I love the pretty aspect, I’m really covering up my embarrassing chewed nails. There have been some links connecting nail biting to perfectionism and disordered eating. *Lowers head and raises hand*

I told my Mom the last thing I need is “another issue” to worry about having.  She gently reminded me, I already bite my nails, so it’s not a “new issue.”

According to this article, nail biting is a “body focused behavior” linked to perfectionism.

I’m going to take on the new ‪#‎warriorchallenge‬ to try to monitor what emotions I’m avoiding while biting my nails. Monitoring and recognizing the emotions behind it, often helps stop compulsive behavior (binge eating, nail biting) before it starts.

Here’s the link that initially brought this to my attention.


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