For the first time since I have had my Fit Bit (a digital pedometer), I was in first place for the Work Week Hustle challenge.  Although I work out about 4 times a week, some activities like yoga don’t translate into steps on the Fit Bit. The girl who usually wins first place was sick earlier in the week.  And, I was shamelessly excited that I might actually win, especially since we all pledge $5 dollars per week to the winner.

I knew tonight’s Zumba class would boost my chances to win even higher. My Fit Bit is normally clipped to my bra, but it showed through the shirt I wore today, so I had it in my pants pocket.  When I got home from work, I very carefully took it out of my pocket and sat it on the coffee table next to my workout clothes I laid out this morning. Once I dressed in my workout capris and lightweight shirt, I could not find the FitBit. I looked all over.  It wasn’t in my pants, it wasn’t on the floor, it wasn’t on the table. I was so upset, not only that I could not find it, but that I was going to be late for Zumba AND I was also “wasting” steps frantically searching for the Fit Bit. I prayed to God and St. Anthony (whoever he is? All I know is that he’s who the Catholic lady at my job says she asks for help when she loses stuff.) I was willing to try whatever.

Then I had this delusional thought that this was happening because the people in my challenge wanted me to lose.  Like it was some sort of sabotage or set up.  The Fit Bit does something with your psyche, it makes checking the app the chasing the steps so urgent and serious. Sometimes I take it off on the weekend, just to be free from it. One of the ladies in my group said she didn’t want to do the weekly challenge anymore because it stressed her out too much, it had her walking in circles around her coffee table in the middle of the night. But I must admit, although Fit Bit plays games with my mind, it does actually make me move more.

Anyway, I finally found my Fit Bit in the mail bin. I have no idea how it jumped from the table to inside the wicker basket.  I immediately put it back in it’s rightful place, clipped to my bra.  And as I rushed out the door at 6 PM and all I could hear was my old pastor’s voice saying “You can’t leave at 6 o’clock and get there at 6 o’clock.”

Luckily the Zumba class is super close and I was inside the gym by 6:05.  To my surprise I had not missed anything, the instructor was telling the other chicas (that’s what he calls us) about how he was bored with P90X, and initially only got certified in Zumba just so he could get the free Zumba DVDs.  But, I am so glad he found his way to teach. He is so awesome! His high energy is amazing.  After stepping, sliding, cheering, skipping and twirling with Alejandro and the other chicas for almost an hour, I had my 10,000 steps when I hit the door of my house.  I was able to maintain my first place lead.  Now, the only question is can I keep it moving and hold the crown for just one more day?

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