I heard about Fit Bit a couple of years ago and thought it was a cool, but weirdly over priced pedometer. However, what I’ve learned recently is that because of the technology with the app it does so much more than count steps.  It encourages friendly competition with your friends and it motivates you to move when you otherwise would not.

I went to Best Buy and picked up the burgundy Fit Bit One for $79.99. I opted for the clip on version instead of the watch because I don’t really like wearing stuff, if that makes sense. Even if I’m wearing a cute bracelet or a necklace I constantly fidget with it.  I tried on my friend’s Fit Bit Charge watch, and it was comfortable, but if I’m dressed up, wearing something really nice, I want to still be able to track my steps without having to wear the rubber watch. So I have the Fit Bit One clipped to my bra.
I opened the box and inside it told me to go to the Fit Bit website which then instructed me to download the app to my iPhone. It asked for my height and weight, I scrolled all the way up to 1200 pounds and was satisfied that just about every size should feel included. My Best friend and her family have weekly Fit Bit challenges, and I think it’s so cute to watch them compete.  So, I called my Bestie to add me to their weekly challenge and it sadly read “User has no friends.” But fortunately I’ve “stepped” my friend game up.  Not only do I have friends, I’m even involved in two challenges, and one challenge with friends has money on the line! We agreed all participants will pay $5 to the winner.


The app is awesome, in addition to the competitions, it tracks other exercise, calories in/out and sleep habits.  It’s not really great for yoga, I only got 400 steps, but I can’t wait to see my numbers after African dance class and Zumba.  There’s a little flower on the tracker that grows during the day as you get closer to your goal.  It does actually make you want to move more. My office has stairs, no elevator and I was kind of excited to run a contract down stairs for the lawyer to review.

So in short, I love it already, I sent my friend a text asking if she was cheating because she had 6,000 steps in before I even got to work. Whew! It’s super healthy fun. Fit Bit gets my vote.

  1. Hey there-

    I have a FitBit too! Let me know if you want to be friends on the site and you can use my email to send me a friend request. I love my ONE because you forget you have it on and it doesn’t get in the way.

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