My Fitness Bucket List:  Part 1

My Fitness Bucket List
I got an email from Essence Magazine about a Fitness Bucket list.  As an active traveler, I was so eager to see what I could cross off the list.
1. Run a Marathon. Ok this is SO #1 on my Bucket List. I’m Carli “Couch to 5K” Fierce, I HAVE to run a marathon at some point.  I’ve finished a half marathon (13.1 Miles) and several 5Ks. But I’ve never run the full 26.2 Miles.

2. Climb a Mountain. Hmmm I don’t think I’ve climbed a mountain. My memory is so bad, y’all probably remember if I did better than me.  I climbed Runyon Canyon in California? Is that a mountain? LOL probably not, but I did make it to the top. I know in Ecuador, we rode the bus up 10,000 feet, but I don’t think that counts either.

Runyon Canyon

Volcano in Ecuador

3. Scuba Diving in the Caribbean. I’ve done snorkeling in the Bahamas. I still remember how cool it was to actually “Find Nemo” But, I didn’t do scuba diving with the tank and all that. So maybe can I get a half completion check mark?

Me Kissing a Dolphin

4. Take an African Dance Class. Yay! I get like 50 check marks. I go to African Dance Class nearly every Tuesday evening.

5. Bike Across a Major Bridge. I was in NYC a month ago which has so many beautiful bridges. I saw the city bikes for rent, and we thought, “Who’s gonna ride a bike, when we can catch an Uber?” I didn’t think how fun it would be to ride a bike across a bridge. I haven’t rode on a bike in years. Hopefully the old adage is right, and I really haven’t forgotten how to ride.  But I’ll add my own item to the list, “Climbing all 10 flights of stairs to the top of Statue of Liberty.” Done and Done!

Climbing all 10 Flights to the top of the Statue of Liberty

6. Climb the Stairs of the Eiffel Tower.  I was in Paris, on my bucket list vacation last Fall. (The City of Lights truly lives up the hype, it was majestic.)

But stairs? Huh? We took the elevator up and had lunch. Then it started to rain. Because of the rain I couldn’t even get the Twiggy model pose I had planned in my head for a month. I guess I will have to go back to get my pic and climb the stairs.

7. Outdoor Rock climbing. Hmmm this sounds like mountain climbing. I’m positive I haven’t done this one.  I’m sure I’d be terrified, I’m afraid of heights.

8. Swim in All 5 Oceans. Ok Google…let’s see “What are the 5 Oceans?”  I’ve forgotten, elementary school was a long time ago.

Pacific Ocean: Yes, in Santa Monica, California. (It’s been a while, but I’m going back this WEEK!)

Atlantic Ocean: Yes, In Florida with my Sister and my Niece.

Indian Ocean: Nope, never been there.  But I can’t wait to take a trip to India, or perhaps the Maldives.  I always see rich people on TV vacation there, so it’s probably quite nice.

Arctic Ocean: Yeah…um pretty sure I can “X” this off the list…as it’s never going to happen.

Southern/Antarctic Ocean: I read that it laps against the southern part of Australia, so perhaps this is in my future.

Stayed Tuned My Fitness Bucket List Part 2, will be posted on Thursday.  Find out if I Zip Lined through the Amazon Rain Forest.

  1. I’ve always wanted to run the Philadelphia Museum of Arts steps like Rocky and do the victory dance. 🙂

    • Joanna! That should definitely be on the list, especially since that song is on my Couch to 5K podcast. Great Idea.

      • I haven’t listened to the podcast in quite a while, but the song saved me that week – I was struggling to finish, and it came on, and I was PUMPED. Which is so not like me.

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