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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  I’m telling you now that I have absolutely no intention on keeping points or eating anything remotely healthy tomorrow.  I’ll watch my portion sizes of course, but I’m going to enjoy every bite of my Granny’s dressing and every spoonful of my famous peach […]

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Thank God I’m Alive!

Today started off as any other day, but ended in a car accident on the highway.  Don’t worry, I’m okay…I think…This evening when I was leaving work, I was on a natural high.  I had just received a phone call from a law firm downtown.  I had […]

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World Wide Runners

I have to start by saying HELLO to my world wide runners!  There are people running to my podcasts from Australia to New Zealand.  The internet is so awesome!  Never in a Million years did I dream of my podcasts going so far.  As I mentioned earlier […]

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A Blogger with No Internet

Hey Guys, I’m alive and well.  I just didn’t have internet access at home.  What kind of blogger has crappy internet service?  They (Charter) made me so mad, I canceled everything.  It was just so unreliable.  I get my new service (AT&T) installed tomorrow.  After my Weight Watchers meeting […]

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The Power to Choose

We were all created with the innate power to choose. We make thousands of choices every single day all throughout the day. But it never ceases to amaze me that I often forget that I have the power to choose when it comes to food. Earlier this […]

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