Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  I’m telling you now that I have absolutely no intention on keeping points or eating anything remotely healthy tomorrow.  I’ll watch my portion sizes of course, but I’m going to enjoy every bite of my Granny’s dressing and every spoonful of my famous peach cobbler.  Although, I will remember what the weight watcher leader said.  It’s a Holi-DAY, DAY DAY.  Not a week, not a month, just one day.  Normally, I would go workout to at least help balance things out, but I don’t think that would be a good idea after yesterday’s accident.  I’m feeling okay today, just moving a little slower than usual.  The doctor said I might be sore for a week or two.   On another note, I’m even more irritated with my internet, or the lack there of.  The new company had the wrong apartment number on installation day, so I have to wait until December 9th for service!  Uggggghhhh, can you believe it?!  One of my best friends, sincerely asked me “how are You gonna survive?” 

 I don’t know, I guess I’ll be back at the parent’s house every night blogging and surfing. … anyway,  I’ll be with family and friends tomorrow, so I’ll leave you with this.  My pastor said as only he could with his very southern accent “Don’t forget to thank Gawd furst for ya blessings, before you sit down to eat a dead turkey!”  He cracks me up!  Wishing you and your family a happy and SAFE holiday. 


  1. Gosh Carli I’m glad you’re okay after your accident!! Something like that has a way of enhancing our perspective doesn’t it? You seem to try to live life to the fullest already. CONGRATS on your job and on being able to work out again (after the recovery). Blessings to you and yours! xxoo

  2. So glad you’re okay after your accident! I have a half hour commute to and from work each day and every year, driving gets a little more anxious for me. In the winter is the worst, because I have anxiety issues anyways and I’m always worried about the roads.
    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I sure did!
    I’m not running currently, I made it to W2D1 and after that run, I had some major pain. It felt like my bones in my legs were on fire, so I worry about stress fractures. I haven’t run now in almost 2 weeks. :o( I’m so bummed too, because I LOVED running to your podcasts!
    I dont know if I need to lose more weight before trying the run again or what. But I have a run on January 1st and I’m doing it, dammit! Even if I have to walk to the whole thing!

    • Emily thats great! I love to see that determination. Check with your doctor and see if it’s a good idea for you to run. I was very heavy when I started running. I just had to learn my limitations and not push too hard. My intial goal was to finish in under an hour, because my victory was in finishing the race, not out running the skinny people. Even if I walked the 3 miles, that was WAY more than I had ever done before.

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