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New Year’s Eve

I woke up this today to the emergency broadcast sirens saying something about a tornado. I rolled over and ignored it assuming it was a test. My mom called to let me know that it was actually a real tornado warning. I decided to get up and turn […]

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January Half Marathon Training Schedule

Jan 1- 2 Miles Jan 2- 6 Miles Jan 3 – 2 Miles Jan 4 – Rest Jan 5 – 3 Miles (<45 Mins) Jan 6 – Cross Train/Rest Jan 7 – 2 Miles Jan 8 – 7 Miles Jan 9 – 3 Miles Jan 10 – […]

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Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! So, what’s all this Vegas talk? I’m celebrating my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2011. I have a new mission that I’m calling “Operation Vegas.” I actually started this mission a couple weeks ago on my Progress & Pics Page, but […]

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Merry CHRISTmas!!!

I hope you have the best Christmas ever.  Sending lots of love, peace and happiness your way!  

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Santa Baby!

Hey Everybody, I’ve been so busy with Christmas shopping and working, as I’m sure you have too. So, why is this post called “Santa Baby?” Because it’s the ringtone on my cell phone, and I can’t think of anything else….. Today’s office desserts were a little tricky.  I’ve decided to call […]

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