Viva Las Vegas! So, what’s all this Vegas talk? I’m celebrating my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2011. I have a new mission that I’m calling “Operation Vegas.” I actually started this mission a couple weeks ago on my Progress & Pics Page, but I had to make sure I was actually going to stick with it before I did the official launch. On Christmas, I ate off of a small saucer plate at all of the houses I visited. Or I ate really small portions, and I got to enjoy everything. Well, now I’m confident that I can stick to my plan. By the time I get to Vegas, I will take a picture next to that historic landmark “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.” And, I will be a grand total of at least 75 pounds thinner than my “Before” picture. This will put me at steady pace of 1.5 pounds a week, which most agree is a healthy weight loss pace for long term effects. I know I can do it. In all my years of weight loss efforts, I’ve never managed to lose more than 50 pounds or so. I could always gain more than 50, but never lose more. So, to be 30 years old and have accomplished that milestone will be awesome! I will update my weight loss bi-weekly on the chart. You can click “Show Hide Table Data” to see my goal weight loss in comparison to my actual weight loss. I’m so excited! I also added a “widget” from to track my Nike workouts. It shows my most current workout distance and my total miles (which is actually probably a lot more, since I haven’t used the Nike tracker on all of my workouts.) Which brings me to my next point…. I walked 6 miles today!
Even though I was busy and had to run 3 errands after work before I finally made it to the gym, I still managed to finish all six miles. I was the last person in the training/weight room. My sony earbuds fizzled, when they got soggy from the sweat of my 5 mile walk. When I went to the electronic store they guy convinced me to buy some “Yurbuds Ironman Earphones.” He said they’re sweat-proof, they won’t fall out, and they’re what “all the athletes use.” He assured me that he’s never had anyone return them and that they have awesome sound. It sounded gimmicky, but I decided to give them a try. And boy and I’m glad that I did. They actually felt….comfortable, they didn’t fall out and the sound was superioir. They’re pricy, but if your primary use of your iPod/mp3 player is to work out, it’s something you might want to look into. Anyway, by the time I was half a mile in, I was already sweating. I hadn’t trained since last week. At 3 miles, I took a quick break to stretch. Then I got back on the treadmill and read some more of Joel Osteen’s It’s Your Time. It’s so inspiring. I feel like 2011 is going to be my breakthrough year, for my personal life, my weight loss, my business and my finances. That last mile was a little tough but do-able. Before I realized it the Nike Ipod Ladysaid I only had 400 meters to go…whatever that means.  I just know it means I’m almost done. When I finished I forgot to “end the workout” which is why you see the drastic drop at the end of the picture below. Well I’m about to take a shower, that 6 miles has me smelling pretty funky!

What Did Carli Eat Today?
– Fruit & Yogurt Parfait with granola from McDonalds & Hot coco from work
L– Tuna Melt on wheat bread (I stopped when I got full)
S- Rest of the Tuna melt from lunch before I hit the gym
D– Left over Christmas food – very small portions of Beef brisket, sweet potatoes, green beans and dressing and a roll

  1. Awesome Carli, sounds like you have 2011 already mapped out. Stick to it, Chica, and it will be your year! When is your birthday? Mine is August 9th….so I am nearly 7 years older than you. woop, woop..

    Have a happy new year!


  2. Jenn! Are you serious??!! You’re my B-day twin! My birthday is August 9th! Woop whoop Leo’s in the house! Happy New Year!

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