I woke up this today to the emergency broadcast sirens saying something about a tornado. I rolled over and ignored it assuming it was a test. My mom called to let me know that it was actually a real tornado warning. I decided to get up and turn on the news. I called and texted other friends and family members to see if they knew that the tornado was coming our way. No one seemed really excited. It sort of felt like Hurricane Katrina, where no one believed it was real. The news channel said the tornado was 5 min. from my area that’s when I realized that it was real. I heard the monstrous boom of thunder outside and the hard rain beating on the window I still didn’t take it seriously as I should have…. I said a little prayer and luckily it passed over my part of town with no major damage. Soon, the sun was shining and I called my little sister to join me for walk in the park. The schedule called for a 2 mile walk however, since I missed a few days I decided to do 3 miles instead. At the halfway point we reach the skating rink which was ironically covered in water however that didn’t stop the holiday break people from ice skating. I snapped a quick pic because I couldn’t believe that they were ice-skating on water! Only in St. Louis would there be snow on the ground Sun shining after a tornado, and water on the skating rink.

Ice Skating on Water!

A few sprinkles of rain started to fall, but we quickly made it back to the car and finished 5K. I came home and watched a little TV before I made my “Better Than Sex Cake” to take to my friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Everyone at the party enjoyed it, I got tons of compliments however, one guy said that it was “delicious, but not orgasmic.”  LOL!  We had a lot of adult fun. After my friend’s party I went to my Big Little Sister’s New Year’s Eve party. We played taboo and Minute to Win it games, just like the TV show.  Only 60 seconds to pull of ridculous stunts. I was the host, we had so much fun! The pictures tell it all!

Where’s Auntie’s Baby? Shouldn’t you be sleep?

Tissue Fight!

Big Lil Sis How’d you do THAT?! More Minute to Win it Fun!

FAIL! I couldn't stack more than 2 apples 🙁




Can you Blow all 15 cups off the table w/ a balloon in 1 min?

Minute to Win -This Blows Tissue Game -My Big Lil Sis & My BFF



  1. Happy Happy New Year! can’t wait to see the pictures…. glad you guys are okay… usually don’t get too much notice before a tornado! I was once about a quarter mile from one that touched down…scary …. and you’ve gotta tell us what is in that cake, my dear!!! (I bet that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about..haha) xoxo

  2. LOL! Happy New Year Mama Helen! I can’t give away my secret recipe.. but I can tell you that it has a butter pecan base with cool whip and heath topping! P.S. The crazy NYE pics are up now.

  3. this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! (although the baby in tissue paper picture was worrisome at first 🙂

    hmmm…. perhaps a 5K and minute to win it Carli festival? in StLouis? with promises of ribs?? just a thought…nevermind me…. have a great week!

  4. You crack me up! One day, when there is a Carli Fest, and I’m accepting my award for helping America get in shape, I’ll be sure to add you in my acceptance thank you speech. LOL!…and that’s exactly why I call you Mama, my own Mama was so worried about the baby being up late. My Niece had so much fun, I think she thought the games were just for her.

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