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A Hail of a Prom Date Night

I smooshed my whole weekend into this blog post title…well sort of. Friday night was date night. Time for my second date with…hmmm what should I call him? How about The Gentleman? I think I like that. He has been quite the gentleman. It is hard to find a decent […]

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Pride, Flair, and a Date

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got bit by the running bug. But I did not have enough confidence to actually sign up for a 5K race. Although, I knew that a race would be the only thing to motivate me to run again. Then I […]

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Delicious Discovery: Green Tea with Pomegranate

If you remember a while back I wrote a post about the weight loss benefits associated with drinking green tea daily. Well if you’re still drinking green tea (I am), I found a great new way to spice it up a little. I found Bigelow Green Tea […]

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I’m a Warrior Machinist

So, what the heck is a Warrior Machinist? I have no idea, it’s something silly that I made up to sound cool and interesting. LOL. You all know I have been slacking in the fitness department; a walk at lunch here, a dance party on my Xbox Kinectthere.  My […]

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When I Was a Kid

I was visiting Roni’s Weigh and saw a cool post called When I Was a Kid.  I pour my guts out to you guys a couple times a week, but you probably don’t know much about my childhood, so…here goes! 1. My parents told me… My Daddy […]

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